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Note: This game begins directly after the events of the first game and continues the story. It is recommended you complete the first game before playing this one.

Story overview
Knowing the past is key to understanding the present and the future. Farz has a past that he can never forget no matter how hard he tries. What secrets does this man know that can help shed some light on the odd occurrences that have taken place? How has his past shaped what he has become and where will the future take him?

- 10-15 hours of gameplay.
- 10 optional bosses.
- Duel system (like Suikoden)
- Touch encounters: Every enemy you fight is now visible on screen and it is also possible to be ambushed at different points in dungeons.
- Mini-map with indicator: Similar to the first game.
- Reward System: If you can kill every enemy on a map, you will get a special item. Enemies re-spawn after you leave a map, so you will need to kill them all before you move to a new map.

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Before starting this is based on not having played the previous game SoS 1

random thoughts includes spoilers
Bold=improvements/glitches ect
other=just thoughts at points in the game

interesting start feels like a blurred line set up going from a future event back to the past to see how a character became like they are :D

also interesting how the skills actually show how much power they have AND what stat effects it! you never see that in newer engines!

was a really bad idea to give a enemy poison this early in the game

losing to the weakest general,nice to have a mc that doesn't start top tier in fact the character that joins you is far more impressive XD

sad flashback

yay explore da town! :D

i really love the enemy counter thing but the respawns i have mixed feelings for particurlay the ambushes

Wafies is a really good character...i can feel the amount coming of her from the dialog and expressions

no random encounters even on the world map! i love it!

wow millys past...was not expecting that at all...just like kanade from shuffle o.o

does magical neckless work? i dont see a new skill or increase in the mystic stat

people would seriously abuse that little girl for no reason to keep there "job"? wth?!

the flashback with Gary and Calina

Wafie.... ; (

that short cut back to arazzia is awesome!

way to turn a sad moment funny,milly think is is doing the dirty :D
no way he would do that as he is now,doubtful even the one in the future which is way different.

those bastards did not trust you??? that is some serious bullshit,i was under the impression as a small town he had a strong good standing and people listened to his words even having multiple witnesses say otherwise and that this general had been gone for quite a while i would not be surprised if he made a deal with the enemy hell i bet that's what happened since he is a lier

Adash(blue haired commander) isn't that the name of zephs father?

that crazy haired guy can be pretty cool it seems

milly getting real jelly of waife! :D the carnival treatment ftw! :D
i wonder if the flowers has any other effect outside that 1 dialog tho

circus was entertaining

omg Wafie! they will pay...

the pixy is nude o.o

Stairs the turtle was a really cool idea! i like the innovation!

wow.....waife was...by...just wow...now Farz is truly just a complete dick....
well something did strike me as odd when he thought she was gonna die soon...but it contradicted his thoughts previous to that so...

when valice stayed in the girls house,in the morning she said mrs should be ms

ice penquin!? didnt see that coming o.o

vice commander i thought he was joking realy tough

the silver haired guys a freaking monster o.o

after getting captured i tried to use the bed and it caused some error with not being able to create steam
i could not recreate this error

tournaments ftw! and get items for winning!? crazy :D
just sad that the dialog with the people don't change after winning

aww cant do more then 3 rounds? : (

i feel REALLY cheesed putting all that effort in that special battle for something that stupid to happen : (

i really hate Adash....and i hope that other character gets whats coming to them for what they did...

why....in the name of w/e you believe in....do you....have to buy...items you earned!?

giving infused armor for the 8th win is unfair,you can buy it in the store!

jelly pounce really needs to be a MT dmg skill its too weak

same with battle 9 mystical tiara not cool!

even after clearing all 10 battles the npcs don't say something else!?

back in the prison after the battle carl is still in his cell,i thought i saw im in the battle didn't he die?

summoners robe is a reward for killing in cave and buyable not good

Wow that ending....even tho i knew a lot of terrible stuff was going to happen that made Farz the way is is in the future
it still just hit me so hard...


-The characters
-The drama
-Optional bosses
-The mapping
-The rpg character skill set up
-updating store
-passing areas(can skip a major walk to get to other sides of world map)


-The story does not conclude in this game(especially considering the amount of time spent on it)
-Bonus items that are buyable (see thoughts)
-A certain character did not get what was coming to them,at least not yet?
-the key items,usable and gear are not separated into different catagorys tho with this engine i guess that cant be helped?

Overall thoughts
For those are dont like rpg battles,you will want to avoid this one as grinding is something you will want to do here
even if you ignore the optional stuff not being prepared can make it difficult to impossible to continue the game.
maxing out upgrades and gear when it becomes available is recommended.

the story is about war so death like it should be is common,tho the ranks of the main enemy group were quite interesting we don't get to see them all.
and the worst part story-wise is the end leaves a lot unanswered
which would not be so bad if there was a continuation right now
but theres not so your hit (also made me decide not to do a lets play in which until then i was considering doing a full game playthru)

but if a sequel came out i would DEFIANTLY play it as i want to see how the events end up

if you like or love rpg battles and a good story with drama i highly recommend this game.
it will give you something to do for 10+ hours
You really need to get haste. You can get it by finishing the West side of the forest map (i.e. kill all enemies there). you should also buy tents to stay healed during the fight with the soldiers. There is a save point close by.
Poor Milly shes usually the first to die. I need to look at what shes wearing I guess. Wow all the new monsters are rough and tough even though My guys are all lv 30 or almost. Milly hasnt seen a book to learn Haste.
In the Cemetery the new monster, Chamberpot or whatever is his name...you have him resilient to Pierce but weak to it as well.

Well The red Soldi hits twice while we wait for our turn and even using his weaknesses against him takes too much even using heal stuff to regain our ability to keep up. We are in deep doo doo.
He's not a dwarf, he's an elf lol. Do you have haste with Milly yet? You learn it from a skillbook I believe. It's really useful. You go to that village later on but you still have a fair bit to go.
Damn youre right...misread the description.
And yes as well...I had been to my house 2-3 times just to heal up and never once talked to farz parents since they had always said the same thing. Duhhhh.
Boy the enemies in the forest are tough now.
If I ever beat that dwarf or whatever he is in thew forest will we be able to get to tah village below the flood cave or is this really near the end now?
The HP potion is supposed to give a set amount of HP plus 10% of HP. As for the part you're up to, I think you should go back to Farz' house and talk to his parents.
The HP potion that gives a 10% or so MP doesnt work...just the HP part.
How do I get to the town below the flood cave. Even after going back and talking to the ring master doeswnt give anything helpful and when returniung to town and having Adrazz or whatever the commanders name is, nothing gives any more info. Inside the cave and trying to go down to the next town keeps saying talk to rimg master still.
I was waiting for this. Glad you finally released it. I was hoping you would of Maybe put a recap of the first game in the intro because I forgot what happened. I guess I go replay the first and come back for this.
Some names and events from the first game are referenced on occasion in this game, so it's better if you have an understanding of it.

Is there a level cap for characters? At what level do they stop learning new spells?
Around level 40 they stop learning new spells. However, the level cap is up to 99 so you can still get stat-ups. New spells can also be learnt from spell books found by completing maps, defeating bosses etc.
Is there a level cap for characters? At what level do they stop learning new spells?
I was waiting for this. Glad you finally released it. I was hoping you would of Maybe put a recap of the first game in the intro because I forgot what happened. I guess I go replay the first and come back for this.
You're around half way (Main game wise). Poison isn't a 100% chance so you should've tried a few attacks. There's also a lot of side quests/bosses later on. It's good that you've made it to the flood cave already. The enemies you've been hitting with Valise must have been resistant to 'pierce' which is her weapon type.
I did as you said...Milly never poisons in battle. I like her Multi strike spells though. I found the key but couldnt remember which house was locked and since Ive been in all of them I dont recall getting anything special.
Valise upgrade to level 4 hits less than her level 3 although her attack stat is over 290 now.
Where does this game end please. Am I 75% finished by the FLOOD CAVE?
You should be able to poison Gale in Zephires fight by normal attacking with Milly. Her staffs attack can inflict poision on him. The key for the door is in one of the graves in the middle of the map. You can get their by going left or right inside one of the houses. You can upgrade weapons further later on. The fire scroll is used the same way as an item but can only be used by Milly.
Liking the game but my god theres a lot of dialogue!!!!!!!!! I am pulling my hair. Just me of course.
In the cemetery, as you climb those steps and each character meets someone from their past, I keep getting killed during Zephires fight. I wish thered been a save between the fights.
The key needed for that door...is it something needed in this stair section and if so I have looked everywhere I can think of and cant find it. Please dont tell me thats what you get if you clear all 40 something enemies?
I think something is wrong with using Millys fire scroll. I dont seem to be able to access it. Also sometimes the ability to use magic doesnt work and no enemy has cast silence...it just doesnt work at all or for a round or two...it varies.
Pulling my hair again trying to heal, use MP potion and fight with Zephires fight. Did I somehow miss a store which sold better weapons/armor? I cant get any more weapon updates.
Oh well, maybe I can get lucky but am thinking after Zephires battle no doubt next is Farz's battle and by then all my potions will be gone. The worst thing is even if you are on WAIT the enemy...like here in the stairs... the enemies act while you are figuring what to do.
Oh, I think I know the problem. I may fix this up in a future update. There is a way to get around it. Everytime you try and upgrade Zephires weapon, make sure you have both his weapons equipped and the one you want to upgrade should be in the first slot.
Zephires enchanted fists. Sometime it lets me upgrade to level three and then quits, but usually just after upgrading to level 2.
After upgrading Zephires enchanted fists the game crashes.
"event script referenced an item that does not exist".

That's weird. What level are you upgrading to?
After upgrading Zephires enchanted fists the game crashes.
"event script referenced an item that does not exist".
Blind lasts for 15 turns in a battle. I may add more drops in a future update. The Red fairy that you're trying to beat should just be ignored for now. You're meant to fight it when you're better equipped and have 3 party members. Also, some enemies ambush you when you walk on grass, so that might be what you're missing. By red boss, are you talking about the soldier? If so, it shows his weakness but not his HP. I should change that because most other bosses have hp shown.
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