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Note: This game begins directly after the events of the first game and continues the story. It is recommended you complete the first game before playing this one.

Story overview
Knowing the past is key to understanding the present and the future. Farz has a past that he can never forget no matter how hard he tries. What secrets does this man know that can help shed some light on the odd occurrences that have taken place? How has his past shaped what he has become and where will the future take him?

- 10-15 hours of gameplay.
- 10 optional bosses.
- Duel system (like Suikoden)
- Touch encounters: Every enemy you fight is now visible on screen and it is also possible to be ambushed at different points in dungeons.
- Mini-map with indicator: Similar to the first game.
- Reward System: If you can kill every enemy on a map, you will get a special item. Enemies re-spawn after you leave a map, so you will need to kill them all before you move to a new map.

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  • Completed
  • soniX
  • demonlord5000
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 10/17/2013 09:38 AM
  • 01/10/2024 03:06 PM
  • 11/25/2014
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Why you no inform about sequel in progress.... but I will forgive you because you are making a SEQUEL
It wasn't really a secret, even though it wasn't outright said. I plan to testing this just like I did the first game. Since it's still in progress I should be able to do a lot more, assuming he releases a demo, or makes a tester exclusive version, but I'll wait and see with that.

I like the changes, and it looks like the completionist in me will be getting every single reward item, although that means I might make the bosses too easy for myself...but tis the price to pay.
Yeah, like demonlord said, I thought everyone knew I was making a sequel. Although I don't make public announcements much, I admit.

I've made a few improvements based on the advice you gave for the first game and some of my own additions to the game-play. When I finish the game, I'll be sure to let you know and beta-test it, however I don't plan on releasing any demo (at the moment).
Interesting game. In the beginning "apparently" is spelled wrong but so far other than that youre spelling is good.
I wish when you are about to enter another area there was a marker warning you. The inset map doesnt warn either. It is easy to enter a new area which causes what you were doing in the previous area to reset.
I am having a very difficult time in staying alive. I am level 3 and still the first hit I take loses a lot of HP and I have that helmet equipped too. I hate gauge games and if I have to it is good to have a "wait" option. While you are just trying to go to skills you are always hit first which depletes too much HP.
I think at least in the early stages you should drop more potions or something.At the moment I have about 20HP and the next fight will end immediately since enemies always seem to strike first and fast.Enemies havent dropped anything in the last 8 fights.Also he seems to miss an awful lot.
I dont see "escape" unless its to the l or r of the fight option but it doesnt matter I guess since you still have to beat all the enemies in an area before you get a good item, but escape is still a good option if you just want to make it back to the save point.
Yeah, this game is much harder than the last, and the early game (which is what the demo consists of) is especially brutal right now since there are not a whole lot of items. I found that to survive your best defense was a strong offense.

I never had trouble with accidentally resetting the map since the exit of a map is going to be at the edge. If it's especially annoying, then I'm sure sonix will see what he can do about adding some sort of indicator for a new area.

As for the system being an active turn based system over a passive one, that's his call. I agree that the system is harder than a normal rpg system, but that's not necessarily a bad thing either. I don't think this one is going to change.

As for escape, I never found it either. I'm not even sure if it exists, but then I went out of my way to complete the kill counter so that wasn't much of an issue (can't speak for others though).

Overall I do agree the early game is brutal, and he was thinking about adding more items to find. Here's some advice when you get to the bosses further in: I wouldn't bother to heal since bosses tend to do about the same as a hp potion recovers, and instead you should go all out to expose a bosses weaknesses. That's how I beat them When I tested.

The feedback is helpful though, so keep at it! It helps sonix balance, and can catch things that I wouldn't think to mention when I went through testing (the lack of ability to escape for example). Keep at it, and I hope you can enjoy the game even if it has some faults currently.
The problem with the strong offense is that while you are deciding which move the enemies are already attacking and they can take quite a chunk from you. Even with your new teaqm member...I forget the name...he/she dies almost immediately and is therefore useless.Once again not having a way to replenish potions because the drop rate is very rare, you find yourself not being able to continue.
I beat the second area and got the spiked shield but thus far it hasnt actually seemed to help.Apparently you have to go back to the first area since I couldnt find a new exit in that second area.
What is the purpose of "brutal" anyway? There isnt much of a fighting chance under those conditions. "Difficult" would be ok with more drop items but brutal isnt much fun.
Yeah I agree. I brought up some of the difficulty issues too during my testing. The difficulty itself isn't set in stone, and we both agree that some more balancing needs to be done. The purpose of the demo was to get various opinions of the game, and to help find what areas need the most balancing.

As for the shield, I personally thought it helped quite a bit. The damage right now is pretty high, but I think it would of been even more dangerous without it. I do believe it shouldn't be as much of a necessity that it currently is though. The only item I didn't really find a use for myself was the fire scroll.

I only used brutal because that is what I feel the difficulty is right now before we know what all needs balanced. I pointed out some things, but I am only one tester. With balancing, I believe it is good that he is trying to get feedback from people with multiple perspectives/skill levels before proceeding too much with the endeavor.

I can't really speak for him though, this is just my own personal opinions from what I have observed. I'll let him take over commenting for a bit, since he will have a greater understanding of his plans than I can theorize. I'll be around if you need more help with the game, which I suspect you might.

My only advice is to scan all enemies once so you know the weakness, and use the least costly skill with that attribute to dispatch foes for now. I know for sure he plans to make physical attacks more useful via weapon upgrades, but I do admit it's pretty useless at the moment. I found myself hoarding mp potions before I finished the game. Hp potions are good to have, but I found them virtually useless in battle. The enemies deal as much as they heal. Good to have when you finish a battle, especially if you run into an enemy you can't one shot (as you gain levels, you'll find yourself killing them without too much trouble before they can act)
Yes, from there you go back to the first area and walk behind the bush to exit.

I've added a new demo that includes a higher drop rate and allows you to choose "Wait" or "Active". If even demonlord had trouble with the game than maybe it is a bit too hard. I don't think that the escape command is necessary because it's touch encounters, so you can just avoid battles (mostly). The fire scroll was made for moments when the mage runs out of mp.
Does the Blind spell always last the battle? I get hit with it and so far I have been blind throughout and only able to win because i was lucky with a hit. You might add a cure blindness drop once in awhile.
In that first area the red boss doesnt show any weakness when scanned. It works with other enemies...is it these bosses which wont scan?
Also I am level 7 and still cant beat that first fairy even though I have Slash. I think its because I cant find enough MP potions to keep my Slash spell working. I think finding all the enemies would give me something to help but i can only find a certain number and then there are no more to find.
Blind lasts for 15 turns in a battle. I may add more drops in a future update. The Red fairy that you're trying to beat should just be ignored for now. You're meant to fight it when you're better equipped and have 3 party members. Also, some enemies ambush you when you walk on grass, so that might be what you're missing. By red boss, are you talking about the soldier? If so, it shows his weakness but not his HP. I should change that because most other bosses have hp shown.
After upgrading Zephires enchanted fists the game crashes.
"event script referenced an item that does not exist".
After upgrading Zephires enchanted fists the game crashes.
"event script referenced an item that does not exist".

That's weird. What level are you upgrading to?
Zephires enchanted fists. Sometime it lets me upgrade to level three and then quits, but usually just after upgrading to level 2.
Oh, I think I know the problem. I may fix this up in a future update. There is a way to get around it. Everytime you try and upgrade Zephires weapon, make sure you have both his weapons equipped and the one you want to upgrade should be in the first slot.
Liking the game but my god theres a lot of dialogue!!!!!!!!! I am pulling my hair. Just me of course.
In the cemetery, as you climb those steps and each character meets someone from their past, I keep getting killed during Zephires fight. I wish thered been a save between the fights.
The key needed for that door...is it something needed in this stair section and if so I have looked everywhere I can think of and cant find it. Please dont tell me thats what you get if you clear all 40 something enemies?
I think something is wrong with using Millys fire scroll. I dont seem to be able to access it. Also sometimes the ability to use magic doesnt work and no enemy has cast silence...it just doesnt work at all or for a round or two...it varies.
Pulling my hair again trying to heal, use MP potion and fight with Zephires fight. Did I somehow miss a store which sold better weapons/armor? I cant get any more weapon updates.
Oh well, maybe I can get lucky but am thinking after Zephires battle no doubt next is Farz's battle and by then all my potions will be gone. The worst thing is even if you are on WAIT the enemy...like here in the stairs... the enemies act while you are figuring what to do.
You should be able to poison Gale in Zephires fight by normal attacking with Milly. Her staffs attack can inflict poision on him. The key for the door is in one of the graves in the middle of the map. You can get their by going left or right inside one of the houses. You can upgrade weapons further later on. The fire scroll is used the same way as an item but can only be used by Milly.
I did as you said...Milly never poisons in battle. I like her Multi strike spells though. I found the key but couldnt remember which house was locked and since Ive been in all of them I dont recall getting anything special.
Valise upgrade to level 4 hits less than her level 3 although her attack stat is over 290 now.
Where does this game end please. Am I 75% finished by the FLOOD CAVE?
You're around half way (Main game wise). Poison isn't a 100% chance so you should've tried a few attacks. There's also a lot of side quests/bosses later on. It's good that you've made it to the flood cave already. The enemies you've been hitting with Valise must have been resistant to 'pierce' which is her weapon type.
I was waiting for this. Glad you finally released it. I was hoping you would of Maybe put a recap of the first game in the intro because I forgot what happened. I guess I go replay the first and come back for this.
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