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The Characters in Tales of Evrand revolve around the ruling families of the Five Kingdoms, mostly known as "Houses". Many houses can trace back their family history from generations and generations back, since the foundation of the Kingdoms.

House Mulgen

The Mulgen are the Kings of the Southlands, which contain both a continental and an insular region. The current King of the Southlands (aka "South King") is Burrenton "The Peaceful" Mulgen, who rules from the capital city of Altel, located on the continental part of the Kingdom, while his eldest son and heir Martell rules over the insular part as his father's bannerman.

Notable characters:

Burrenton Mulgen
Age: 71
King Burrenton, aka The Peaceful, is the current King of the Southlands, and has lived a prosperous reign of 50 years. Known for his diplomatic skills, Burrenton earned his nickname for sucessfully avoiding big wars on Evrand during his 50 years of reign.

Martell Mulgen
Age: 43
Martell is the eldest son and heir of King Burrenton. When younger, Martell aided his father on the duties of defending the Southern Islands from many pirate invasions. As a reward, Burrenton gave his son rulership over the islands, making him his most important bannerman. Martell is always grumpy and often seems cold to people.

Aberyn Mulgen
Age: 40
Aberyn is the youngest son of Burrenton. He loves politics and the intrigues behind it, and has always been very influent among the nobles of the South. He's been helping his father on the administration of the Kingdom for some years.

House Vhalgo

The Vhalgo rule as Kings of the Western Mountains (aka "West Kings"), which is, as the name implies, a mountanious region on Evrand that is home of many gold mines. Although being the richest house, House Vhalgo doesn't have the power and influence it had generations ago, but they are in the process of changing that. The rule from the castle of Andorfell, and the current King is Aber Vhalgo.

Notable characters:

Aber Vhalgo
Age: 48
Aber is the current West King, known among his people and as cruel and merciless King. He is ambicious, and plans to expand the power and influence of House Vhalgo among the continent.

Branne Vhalgo
Age: 19
Branne is the son and heir of Aber. He tends to be silent and mostly pass unoticed among the conversations on the castle, ashe rarely speaks. But that doesn't mean Branne is not paying atention... Quite the opposite.

Aenn Vhalgo
Age: 42
Aenn is the cousin of King Aber, and rules from his own fortress on the West, Handun. Aber's father, the late West King, gave the then abandoned lands of Handun to his brother, Aenn' father, to be protected. Even without knowing the reason behind this act, Aenn rules over Handun and is Aber's most powerful bannerman. He rarely leaves his fortress, even to visit his family at the capital.

House Vinter

House Vinter holds the title of Kings of the Cold East, the biggest and vast Kingdom of Evrand, which is mostly frozen wastelands. Being so cold, the East generally has isolated cities with lots of habitants, since they tend to group themselves to survive the cold. The most important of these cities is the Eastern capital, Enstol, from which the current King of the Cold East (aka "East King"), Brandon "the Young" Vinter, rules, after the recent death of his father, the late East King, Arthur Vinter.

Notable characters:

Brandon Vinter
Age: 18
Brandon is the most recent East King, having been crowned a few months after this 18th birthday, when his father, Arthur Vinter, died from a sickness. Together with the rest of his family, Brandon is learning the necessary skills to rule over a Kingdom.

Ingrid Vinter
Age: 42
Ingrid is the widow of the late King Arthur. Still shaken form her husband's death, Ingrid now has to protect her 4 children act as Queen Regent o her eldest son Brandon.

Hector Vinter
Age: 15
Hector is the third son of Queen Ingrid and young brother to Brandon. Hector has a big adventurous spirit and has always dreamed of life beyond the castle he lives. He's often seen practicing swordplay on Enstol's Training Grounds, and people say he is very skilled for his age.

House Blont

Blomst is the capital of flowers and food. It was on that fertile land that a famous knight of many women founded the Kingdom of the North Plains, and became the first North King, initiating the lineage of House Blont, many generations ago. The North lands are among the most fertile on the continent, so much the North is responsable of suplying even other Kingsdoms with the excess of food. Blont women have the strange tendency of giving birth to women much more easily than man. The current North Kinh is Narder Blont.

Notable characters:

Rytha Blont
Age: 39
Rytha is the North Queen, and a woman recognised among all Five Kingdoms for her beauty. Rytha followed the strange trend of her ancestrals, and had only daughters, and no sons. Rytha loves her husband and their 4 children and wishes to the North to continue as a prosperous land.

Narden Blont
Age: 39
From a high birth among theNortheners, Narder had the oportunity of marrying Rytha and become the North King. King Narder is a great thinker, and his biggest dream is to make progress on various areas of the North: social, economical, and mainly tecnological. He is well respected among his people as a great King.

Hilas Blont
Age: 18
Hilas Blont, aka the "Lord of Roses", is the Queen's eldest nephew and the eldest man on the family with Blont blood. Hilas is the main responsible for the administration of Blomst's flower fields and plantations, a role that gave him his nickname. Hilas is very ambicious and does everything thinking about hi own earnings.