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Tales of Evrand sets the story on the eponymous continent which is politicaly divided in Five Kingdoms, those competing for the power and stability of itself.

Burrenton Mulgen, King of the Southlands for almost 50 years, dies in misterious circunstances. The throne of one of the most powerful families on the Five Kingdoms is open for sucession. Burrenton's oldest son, Martell, os the rightful heir, but his younger brother Aberyn, using of Martell's temporary absence from the capital, combine strength with the richest Southern merchants to take the crown for himself. And so it begins the Civil War on the South.

Meanwhile, in the mist of all this confusion, Aber Vhalgo, King of the Western Mountains, from one of the richest families of the Five Kingdoms, begins to put in practice a plan to expand his power and influence over the continent, adressing himself as Emperor of Evrand, Lord of the Five Kingdoms. Although the ideia of conquering the other four Kingdoms sounds insane at first, Aber is confident of his moves, since no one knows he's closer to bring back Evrand's Old Days and rise from oblivion powerful creatures who will turn the tides on his favor.