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Progress Report

Progress: New Screen and new Video

I'm still looking for someone to help me with maps. Mine are awful.
Anyway, just posted a new Screenshot of the Dictionary System, where you can store information on many elements of Evrand. Also, a new cutscene video.


First Blog: Page Started!

After about 24h pending, the page is finally on air!
I hope you like my game development on Evrand. I did an update, adding tabs on the story, characters, and a short video on media. I don't have many screenshots to give you right now because I'm very slow and bad at mapping (if anyone can help me mapping, I'd be glad), but I'll be making some small updates soon. Hope you enjoy the game!

Here is a work-in-progress: I'm making the lineage of the Noble Houses of Evrand. It's simple, just a lot of lines conecting the people so you have an ideia of their kinship. Here is the one for House Vhalgo.

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