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Game entry for the All Hallows' Event 2013
Theme: survival horror


It all ended in a night of terror for Scarlet. All she could recall was her stepfather, brandishing the hunter's knife that he had tried to kill her with, then the fall that blackened all reality in an instant.

She finds herself waking up in a hospital where all chaos had broken loose, and now must piece together what happened while avoiding the possibility of her stepfather finding her to continue what he had failed the night before -- kill her.


Scarlet Holder - The protagonist of the game. She wakes up in a recovery room confused and worried. No one seems to be around, and she doesn't know where she is. all she knows is that she has to find help, and fast.

Dr. Basil Frederick - He is a 42 year old doctor who attempts to help the protagonist through her predicament.

Quiet Girl - A young girl who never utters a word throughout the game. She follows the main character around the hospital for unknown reasons.


- Interactive puzzles (clues, combinable items and some quick thinking)
- A simple menu layout in which items and tools are used to trigger events
- A chase system to keep people alert through the course of the game
- A hide system that let's you chose when you would like to stop hiding
- A hint system that help players find items and important objects when stuck
- 1-2 hours of game play (most probable estimation)


- Use the arrow keys to move your character around
- Use the spacebar to interact with items / objects
- Hold "shift" to run, press "x" to open up your inventory


* Story

- Isis

* Scripts

- Aeri Sicher
- Galv
- Hanzo Kimura
- Lemony
- Modern Algebra
- Moghunter
- Nelderson
- Victor Sant

* Resources

- Ameblo
- Ayene
- Decandenttia
- Elements
- Enterbrain
- Evil Eagles

* Music and SE

- Craigmusicchannel
- Elgronbo
- Swuing
- Yoyodaman234

* Artwork

- Zodiac Kleis

Latest Blog

Version 1 - Plenty of game-breaking problems... still.

So today I had released a version with quite a number of errors in it. I wouldn't recommend it be downloaded for the time being until these problems are resolved.

Sorry again, I'll get em all patched up for v1.1


- There are multiple ways to go about playing the game... Because of this, a new bug arose (conditional if you happened to do the main story before sub goals) which prevents the player from going any further.
- The combination lock for the power maintenance can't be discovered because the switches for the boiler room won't turn on... I forgot to change the settings for the event to "same as char".
- The morgue storage has a major problem. a switch won't turn on preventing the player from going any further (It was working before.. but the update to increasing the timer destroyed that).

Again, I am really sorry about all this! I'll get it all patched up ASAP~!!
  • Completed
  • Aeri_Sicher
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle
  • 10/22/2013 05:42 AM
  • 08/11/2020 01:40 PM
  • 10/31/2013
  • 217122
  • 66
  • 17068



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We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
always up for a female protagonist instantly makes the game better for me :D
male leads have just been over done tired of them and ill take points away just for that now
looks good ill try it soon

edit,did not notice ive seen this b4 XD forgot about it until i played a couple minutes XD
Hi, I'm GiancaCX , I come here to tell you that I like to translate your game to the Spanish , but to do so would need your approval , now we get to the point , Would you take me to translate your rpg ?
The all around prick
I really want to like this. It has an interesting premise, but the execution falls flat.

I get that you want players to explore. But there's a difference between exploring and knocking your face into the walls over and over again. Finding the medicine for the injured man, for example, was an exercise in frustration. I had to consult the walkthrough in order to know just what I needed to do.

I like how the items are randomized to give players mystery, but it was very difficult to tell where I was supposed to look. The reason being that it's not very clear what's a pickup and what isn't. If they were all hidden in the same place (A cabinet, a table, etc.) or if I was given an idea of where to look, I think it would have been better. Better yet, I would have added a sparkle on all the POSSIBLE locations I could have looked, and let players go there.

This may seem immersion-breaking, and it is to some extent, but the alternative is far worse: having players aimlessly wandering around not knowing where to go. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if it weren't for the fact that no music, or even background ambiance, plays at all (except for the clock). That's very effective for about five minutes at most. After that, the tension will quickly dull and fade away.

The first chase, however, brought back all the tension the beginning had and then some! I was terrified at how quickly the enemy could catch up to you, especially after transitioning rooms. And the idea that I could hide in a room when there was a short pause before he entered is an awesome design choice. Great job on that!

A few minor issues:

- The walkthrough says to push the left statue and investigate the area. When I do, I get nothing. What am I supposed to do?

- The doors that lead down to the west wing don't make the noise that the other locked doors make. For consistency's sake, I would add those sound effects in.

- Text error HERE. There should be a, "he," in the last sentence.
this is a really dumb question and i kinda want to kick myself for asking it but how do you save? i played a day or two ago and saved but now i can't remember how to do it. ((my memory is so bad i'm sorry))
this is a really dumb question and i kinda want to kick myself for asking it but how do you save? i played a day or two ago and saved but now i can't remember how to do it. ((my memory is so bad i'm sorry))

You press X, then choose the book, press Z, write your experiences or w/e, and press Z again then choose one of the spots.
Hello , I would like to translate your game into Spanish? I can?
Very good game so far, i love the atmosphere and i do enjoy how you need to actually such for the things you need and you didnt make it overly easy. Decent game over all from what i played so far, here is my first episode of the lets play!
I like this game.

Very simple, yet puzzling.

My only qualm is that the end chase is really difficult. Having to hold down A (run) just to avoid the death event chasing you when you enter a different map is taxing, especially if you get stuck because of a derping controller.

I'd definitely nerf that a bit, make the wait a bit longer for a fairer head start.
Fun game. Short, nothing spectacular, but I did enjoy it. Some minor details I think could have used some more thought. But I am not reviewing the game, nor do I feel they hindered my enjoyment of the game anyway. Good job especially for a first, I did want to note that in 503, I can walk through the towels and phase through the wall and walk in the black areas around the room, also the first npc encounter also had the npc running and sometimes getting stuck outside the map.
Since the last comment is from 2017 I don't really know if all these people from above played another version of the game but, the last version (v1.1) downloaded from this site its bugged or at least, that's what it seems.

Fully explained:
Once you managed to take the String and the magnet, there is no possible way to use the "String magnet" where it's supposed to be, on the sink in the female restrooms. The only thing available is a dialog window with the "discard?" option. So, it's impossible to continue.

Taking this in consideration, my review so far is that it's really a tough game, very very difficult, which i personally love but, i think it might be too difficult for casuals. I don't know if this could be a bad point for the game, i don't think so, but at least some objects or at least, some clues, could be better "explained".
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