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So, as many of you have noticed... the game is lacking a good clear path (goal) of getting around the game. My intentions were to make the player obtain items / hints that lead to bigger problems. The main reason why you may get stuck is because the hint refers to an area that you have not yet seen or forgotten about because it does not look "important" enough.

So I made a walkthrough for everyone who just wants to reach the end of the game.. and story! You may find the download link in the downloads section =]

Or... you can just click this fancy little link right here!

And something extra: I'll be working on a version 2.0 because the game is really limited. This will most likely be a longer project (may take up to several days) but the end result should be more than worth the while!!

Here's what we have going for the next version... The list can expand if you would like to suggest something for the game! Just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do about implementing the feature ;D

- More hiding spots (A LOT more hiding spots)
- Punishments for hiding in wrong areas (like behind a lamp etc)
- Random chase generator (Since exploring is a major thing in this game... I'll make sure it's a rare chance so that it won't be annoying)
- More choices (choices that require smarter answers instead of yes / no)
- Punishments for bad choices
- More BGM (saving the game, safe areas and setting the mood)
- A stable save system (it will help with foreshadowing the future danger)
- Hints will now serve more purpose... Only important items and logical problems will shine to ensure the player knows what items are useful and what not.
- Better dialogue (we need a clear goal for the player)

* * So, Version 2.0 will take maybe one or two weeks to make... But I can promise you it will be worth the wait! I wouldn't recommend playing version 1.0 as it was created for the competition... version 2.0 will be a game with more scares and thrills in it~ hopefully you may spare a couple more weeks for the game release =]

Enjoy the guide, enjoy the game!


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I can't find a timestamp on when this post was made. Can you give us a rough ETA on when 2.0 will be out?
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