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The God of Crawling Eyes is a game about Max, a color blind high school student who's taking an experimental drug to cure his condition. As he goes about a normal school day, he begins to see strange and frightening things. The player controls Max as he tries to figure out the school's mystery while getting help from his friends Chase and Lily.

The God of Crawling Eyes is basically an adventure game with two dynamics: choice-driven dialogue that impacts the ending and a few logic-based puzzles. The game itself can be beaten in about twenty minutes, but there are four different endings centered around the theme of perception. Each ending will also unlock new features that encourage multiple playthroughs.

Character portraits were done through facemaker, sprites edited from the online sprite editor, and backgrounds and some other graphics were edited from the RTP. Other graphics were drawn by me. The music is by me, though it's mostly atmospheric--there is one hidden song that's more of a toe-tapper. Sound effects should all be either RTP or public domain. The only script I used was Wortana's Multiple Fogs; everything else is evented.

This is my entry for the 2013 Halloween Contest.

-Stylized black and white aesthetic.
-Original creepy atmospheric music.
-Four endings, each unlocking bonus content and hidden areas.
-Choice-driven dialogue.
-Several unique ways to die.

*Warning: this game contains blood and other disturbing imagery. It also contains some cursing.

Latest Blog

(Final?) Update

I made a very slight update to The God of Crawling Eyes that polished up a few things. Here's a list for the curious:

-Added a save point after the first conversation with Chase in the library. Hopefully this will cut down on being forced to repeat dialogue on death.
-Fixed a passability issue in the bathroom.
-Very slightly modified a few of the dialogue exchanges with Lily so that the dialogue's more natural.

This should be the last update I make on this game unless someone notifies me of any bugs or typos. I've been really excited about the response this game has gotten, and I'm very much looking forward to posting more on this site (which will be soon).
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  • 10/22/2013 09:09 PM
  • 02/09/2022 05:43 PM
  • 10/22/2013
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Wow, man. This is amazing. Really looking forward to downloading and trying it when it's released.
You the practice of self-promotion
Looks cool! I look forward to playing it for my intended All Hallows' Event wrap-up. (Adds game to playlist)
I jut played this game and I really enjoyed it! I loved the black and white designs and the idea of playing the game through the eyes of a colourblind kid.
Played this game based on a friend's recommendation. I enjoyed it for the most part. The aesthetics were great and the use of color was clever. The sound was used real well and added to the creep factor. Liked the simple story and the dialog choices. Got both the good endings.

I wish I could have saved more often. I felt real nervous after my first death which forced me to backtrack a bit. I guess it did create a sense of tension but I ended up asking my friend for help to avoid further death which I usually don't like to do.

I might write a short review later. All in all a good horror experience.
Yeah, when I made the decision to limit saving, I knew that it wouldn't be a popular one, but being able to save everywhere encourages the player to experiment with their surroundings, and I wanted players to be too scared to do that when there were clear signs of danger. I was hoping that the short length of the game would make this more forgivable, but, yeah, I know it's one of those "good in theory, tolerable in practice" kinds of things. If it makes you feel any better, I implemented that before I was done testing, so on the subsequent test playthroughs I had to restart constantly when I ran into bugs and coated my tongue in the chalky, bitter taste of my own medicine.
wow! this game looks pretty great!
I'll play it and make a playtrough on Youtube soon :D
(of course i'll credit you ;) )
Cool! It's been really interesting seeing all the different let's play videos. I never expected that I'd see people playing my game in German (for example). This has been an awesome experience.
I would have made it so a new color (and thus new items) were unlockable with every successive playthrough, so the puzzle would be different every time.

Oh well, maybe in the intense sequel!! ヽ( ★ω★)ノ
the "swarm" of tentacles is after me! where do i run?? thanks ^_^
You can either go to the library or Lily's classroom--you just have to push the file cabinet in front of the door.
alrighty, I got it, thank you ^_^
LOVED the ending, and I watched the others on youtube, great job housekeeping

Great house, jobkeeping!

(sorry, couldn't resist)
Thanks, I just finished paying off the mortgage! Good thing I'm so consistently employed!
Could I make a playtrough on Bilibili?
The game is Gratified,I love strange and frightening things. 
I didn't know what Bilibili was until just now, but sure!
is there any battle scenes? or it is just like the crooked man?
There aren't any battle scenes; it's just an adventure/horror game. The gameplay's mostly about dialogue options and puzzle solving.
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