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Yume RPG Toolkit 2D is a small application, which allows you to create your own 2D RPG for Windows, Linux and Android.
The Toolkit will include a Map Editor and two different Engines - one for Windows/Linux and the other one for Android.

What can you create with the Map Editor?
It is a very simple Tool.

Choose a Tileset and paint your own Map with an unlimited amount of layers (theoretically). Single-Selection and Multi-Selection of tiles are available. Everything what is needed for a RPG can be created with a few clicks.

Supported music format is "*.oog" and the sound format "*.wav".

Everyone who knows the RPG Maker serie, should also know how to handle YRPG Toolkit 2D.

JRPG Developer Tools
I will also implement a database which will include all needed Features for developing a JRPG.
Manage Heroes, Enemies, Items, Skills, Shops and Events.

Yume RPG Toolkit 2D will be like his older brother Yume RPG Toolkit 3D. In the end you will find nearly every feature of YRPG Toolkit 3D in this application.

Choose Your System
After finishing your development with YRPG Toolkit 2D, you will be able to pack a Windows/Linux compatible Game or an Android APK.

Developing and Releasing of this application will be much easier than with YRPG Toolkit 3D.


Windows/Linux Engine

Windows/Linux MapEditor

Windows/Linux MapEditor

Windows/Linux MapEditor

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Would it be too early or too late to ask for some things? There are certain things I hope to see:
  • Custom Battle System: some people may prefer sideview a`la Final Fantasy series (with possibility of animated battlers), some may go with front view, and others with empty view (like the battle systems in RMVX and RMVXAce). And then there are CTB like the one seen in Final Fantasy X, a Press Turn Battle, or a Tactics style battle. There should be some kind of freedom, even if little, for the developer to choose a battle system for their game.
  • I'd like to see Magic Defence stat to return: some RPG Makers have it, other don't and lack of it messes with damage for magic spells. Maybe some other stats could appear, but not like a hundred more. ;)
  • Ability to customise damage formulas. RMVXAce does it quite well.

As to not sound as a demanding little brat, I'd like to say I'm looking forward to the project's completion! Keep up the good work! ;)
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