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Bug fixes and news

  • Ocean
  • 11/23/2013 08:57 PM
OK, because it was a halloween game event, I had to rush the release quite a bit. I wanted to wait some time so that the judges can all get the initial release of the game and judge based on that instead of the updated version.

I fixed a few bugs. I don't think I killed all the bugs yet but some bugs were like missing a pre-condition switch so a dialogue would show up earlier than intended or things like that. The initial release could also net you infinite energy capsules from the Psychic if you so chose to exploit it. I also got rid of the "!s" on top of chests when you open them. Re-introduced the Quickshot Ammo. I meant to have it as a quest reward buuuuuut I forgot to add it back in for the initial release. So I'm doing that now. It raises your firing rate.

For some news:
It had a feature in Gamejolt for a bit which I was happy for! Indiestatik as well had something to say about it : http://indiestatik.com/2013/11/19/lunacity/

It'd be nice to expand on this and add more minigame segments, play around more with the various stats, more quests and a more involved storyline. But I'm not sure I'll do that yet. I'll see!

If you have any feedback, other bug reports, praise, criticism, CHEESECAKE.... feel free to send it my way!


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You can’t have my cheesecake.

But I’m happy for you for getting featured – and on two different sites to boot! That’s very impressive.
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