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"Rock the nurses to death."

Warning: Playing the Easy Mode is strongly recommended.

"Known only to a select few, on Halloween Night opens a portal to the realm of the dead. Creatures of chaos, cursed souls and nightmarish abominations step inside our world and wander in search of prey, blending in the crowds of costumed kids and grown-ups.
On that night, a group of gifted, brave elementary students set off on a wild hunt. Speeding through every corner of the city, they must find and banish hordes of malevolent beings before the day breaks."

Halloween Wars is a fresh, fast-paced arcade-style RPG that parodies many elements of horror fiction.

-Pick your favorite character to fight the creatures of the night in 5 different stages.
-Collect and use tasty candies to create offensive or defensive power ups in battle, or turn them into Score points to buy upgrades.
-Enemy strength increases as you defeat bosses for a constant rise in challenge.
-Multiple scrolling backgrounds, cutscenes and animated custom sprites bring the game's world to life.
-Over 700 custom images including funny, spooky monsters and more.
-Secret enemies and cheat codes to find.
-Average length: 1 to 3 hours depending on your skill and the difficulty setting.

Credits (Soundtrack)
-A Series of Unfortunate Events
-Children of Bodom
-Inkubus Sukkubus
-Mass Hysteria
-MediEvil 1 & 2
-Michael Jackson
-Sonic 2

Latest Blog

Trick or Cheat!

Cheat Codes and Potential Prequel

Leaves have already begun to turn yellow and the cold is creeping in.
Soon, October will be upon us. The month of Halloween, one of the funnest holiday of the year :)

I want to share here the cheat codes that can be found in the game.
These cheats consist of three numbers that must be entered when you see the Title Screen and will only take effect when playing the Normal Mode.

Triple Experience Mode: Type "555" at the Title Screen to receive 3 times the Experience from enemies.

Triple Score Mode: Type "666" at the Title Screen to receive 3 times the Score from the candies you don't eat.

Final Stage: Type "123" at the Title Screen to skip the first 4 stages and begin with a bonus 50,000 Score.

Gallery: Type "987" at the Title Screen to view the art from cutscenes.

While the Normal Mode is much more difficult than the Easy Mode, using these cheats may make the game more enjoyable.

Halloween Wars has its flaws but I am very fond of its core concept, its setting and, most of all, its characters.
In the last few months I've been writing down ideas and drawing for a potential prequel to this game.
It is too soon to reveal anything about it, but I'm steadily making progress on this new project and hope to be able to share more information about it before long.

In any case, I want to wish a happy upcoming Halloween to everyone. Make sure to avoid the cold and flu!
  • Completed
  • Avee
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 10/29/2013 05:00 AM
  • 09/08/2019 03:47 PM
  • 07/22/2014
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Hi Avee,

The game looks very creative. Will you be using a customized battling system? I know you have past experience with coding them.

Thanks for this first post Zachary_Braun! ^^
I want to post one or two screenshot every day. Images of the playable characters running through the stages between fights will be uploaded starting today.

Images from the battles should be available soon after. I have to draw more enemy sprites first (only one enemy is done at the moment).

The battle system is simple and easy to pick up yet rewarding:
Battles use a triangle system (Rock-Paper-Scissors): Attack beats Magic casting, Magic beats Guard, and Guarding an Attack lets you counter attack.
Most enemies have an attack pattern you can figure out in order to defeat them with ease, and every enemy is weak to one of the four elements.

Date of completion might be a little later than November 8th also. I still have a lot of graphics to draw.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
interested in seeing where this goes
Thanks shayoko! I hope you'll enjoy the game.

I'm currently thinking about adding Easter eggs, in the form of enemies that haven't made it in the regular roster. I've already made one on a whim earlier today. Players who find them all will gain access to cheat codes ;)

Only 6 more battlers, one or two battle animations and a bunch of cutscenes to make until release!
Added the "Monsters" page showcasing enemies in each stage.

I still have some coding left to do and few cutscenes to draw. Release will be soon.
This may be one of the coolest things I've ever found on here, subbed!
Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy the game.
Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy the game.

:D When will you have a demo up?
Woohoo! It's out. Dl'ing and playing. Will edit this comment with first impressions once played.

Edit: Aw man, turns out I'm missing files like "system2c.png" and "vehicle". I try replacing them but maybe it turns out I've installed the wrong RTP? Can someone help me out here?
Ah, sorry about that. There might be different versions of the RTP.
I have to run off to work so try these quick solutions for now:

1: Paste the files from this RTP into the game's according folders: http://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/15964/locker/RTP.zip

2: Put the harmony.dll file in the game's main folder: http://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/15964/locker/Harmony.zip

3: Try step 3 of this tutorial: http://rpgmaker.net/tutorials/10/

When I get back I'll upload a standalone version of the game.

EDIT: the game including the RTP has been uploaded.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
finally got to this game,and i honestly dont like it.
its not that its bad im just not a fan of rock paper scissors
some enemies have a set pattern which can be memorized which is good but, others it does not seem like it :(
for what it is its pretty cool and i love the stat system
but im done with this 1 awesome job tho :3
It's cool. Can't please everyone.
Is the rock paper scissors mechanic itself the only thing you disliked or is it also the difficulty of finding out some of the enemy patterns?

Some enemies have fixed patterns, for instance:
1: Attack
2: Guard
3: Magic
and repeat.
Countering this one is pretty easy: use Guard, Magic and then Attack.

Others have more complex ones, for example:
1: 50% Attack, 50% Magic
2: Guard
3: 10% Attack, 90% Guard
and repeat.
Against this one, you want to use Attack, Magic then Guard. This strategy guarantees that you will never be attacked.

When you exit a stage, Miriam gives you a hint about a random enemy's pattern to help you out.
But if players find the patterns too difficult to learn I will simplify them.

By the way, the game including the RTP has been uploaded.
I was just about to request a video, cause I've been curious, but I see that it's out. Downloading(and I'll probably play it in 6-18 weeks).

Why not do the Fullpackageflag thing? Shouldn't need to frig with RTP.
Yup, I made the Fullpackageflag thing in the RTP version just to be sure.
I'm looking forward to get your feedback ^^
Orange text on a white bg doesn't work so well.

So I finally got around to playing this. The art is awesome, but frankly the gameplay is crap. I think I had the old version, without easy mode, but even if it was a bit easier that wouldn't change how I feel about the gameplay. It's just not fun. There are probably dozens of monsters and I don't feel like spending 10 turns dying just figure out it's pattern. And then if I die on the next monster, I have to go through the first ones again I believe(I didn't play long). So I'd either have to have an eidetic memory or write them all down. Very few games that require note taking are fun :/ This is a manifestation of the worst feature of games, RNG. I beat one monster(by pure luck), and died about 7 times. I will never play this again as long as RPS is the main gameplay element.

It's too bad that you spent so much time on all that art, and very few people will ever see it. You really should get rid of the whole RPS thing and do something different so that this art can be liberated from the confines of a bad idea. /brutalhonesty
White bg came out of nowhere after I added some CSS code to change the Downloads' colors. I just saw it thanks to your post. I'll try and fix it.

I can understand how frustrating and seemingly not fun Normal Mode can be, hence why I implemented Easy Mode.

Easy Mode greatly simplifies the monsters' attack patterns: most of them will alternate between two fixed actions.
For instance: Attack, Magic, Attack, Magic, Attack, Magic, and so on.
Only two turns will teach you all there is to know about how to defeat a given enemy, and the heroes can take many hits before they die when you tackle your first stage.

I believe this mode should be enjoyable to most players. There is quite less to learn and remember in it than in a game like Wine & Roses, for instance.
Dying shouldn't be too painful in this mode either, as you'll receive 3 times the score for candies.
Here's hoping I can convince you to give it a try.

As for thinking of a different battle system, the current design is actually the 4th or 5th one I wrote during pre-production phase and was the best I could do in time for the AHE event. As it turned out, drawing all the art took an extra month to finish.
I've been toying with the idea of implementing a more conventional RPG battle system since then. What I have in mind would completely change the intent behind the current game as well as it's genre and flow. Therefore, a new battle system would probably lead to a sequel or spin-off title.

In any case, thank you for your feedback. I value honesty above all else ;)
under game simplicity i found a lot of fun and addictive simple gameplay. atmosphere and game architecture i like very much.
Thank you for your comment X-Tech! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game.

By the way you have great taste in movie-based profile pics.
at start i thought this will be more nonlinear level exploration and found little disappointment in levels gameplay - but anyway after time to use to game system and it's construction i started to enjoying it a lot.
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