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Trick or Cheat!

Cheat Codes and Potential Prequel

Leaves have already begun to turn yellow and the cold is creeping in.
Soon, October will be upon us. The month of Halloween, one of the funnest holiday of the year :)

I want to share here the cheat codes that can be found in the game.
These cheats consist of three numbers that must be entered when you see the Title Screen and will only take effect when playing the Normal Mode.

Triple Experience Mode: Type "555" at the Title Screen to receive 3 times the Experience from enemies.

Triple Score Mode: Type "666" at the Title Screen to receive 3 times the Score from the candies you don't eat.

Final Stage: Type "123" at the Title Screen to skip the first 4 stages and begin with a bonus 50,000 Score.

Gallery: Type "987" at the Title Screen to view the art from cutscenes.

While the Normal Mode is much more difficult than the Easy Mode, using these cheats may make the game more enjoyable.

Halloween Wars has its flaws but I am very fond of its core concept, its setting and, most of all, its characters.
In the last few months I've been writing down ideas and drawing for a potential prequel to this game.
It is too soon to reveal anything about it, but I'm steadily making progress on this new project and hope to be able to share more information about it before long.

In any case, I want to wish a happy upcoming Halloween to everyone. Make sure to avoid the cold and flu!


Easy Mode coming up for Halloween Wars

I plan on adding an Easy mode to Halloween Wars as part of the 2-Day DO SOMETHING Challenge.

I've had a few comments about the game's current difficulty level being quite hard, mostly when it comes to learning the monsters' attack patterns. The current difficulty setting will now be known as the Normal Mode.

The Easy Mode will greatly simplify the enemies' attack patterns and let you earn more Experience and Score. You won't receive hints from Miriam nor be able to use cheat codes in return, but you'll still be able to unlock those during play and use them in Normal Mode.

The updated v1.2 is up!
Please download this version from now on.
It includes the aforementioned Easy Mode as well as any required RTP file.


In need of one or more testers, short term

Hey there!

Someone reported a bug about the Upgrade screen becoming unavailable after a first or second upgrade has been bought, and also possibly the disabling of Experience gain after a first boss has been defeated.

I've been unable to recreate those bugs with both versions of the available downloads: all works fine for me. Therefore I'd like to request anyone's help in trying to recreate those bugs, please. This should only take you 15-25 minutes.

By the way I've also noticed that I forgot to delete the save files and to apply Cherry's Better AEP patch on the download that includes the RTP.
I'll fix that after the above bugs have been confirmed or refuted by one/many of you kind souls.



Halloween Wars v1.0 now available!

Here it is!
The game download for Halloween Wars v1.0 has been submitted.

It sure took a lot more time than I expected to complete the game: two months in the making when I initially thought a month would suffice.

It has been both thrilling and exhausting to craft this baby. Most of the hours I spent on it were to draw the 700+ images, panoramas and animated sprites needed to bring the game to life.

Bug testing has also been a real pain. I often had a hard time understanding what was wrong in the code but eventually managed to fix all problems.
To my knowledge, minor bugs may remain, but those shouldn't impair the game experience.

I am proud of the result and to present you my most ambitious, original, completed game up to this day.
I'd be delighted to hear your feedback and suggestions. Don't be shy now ;)



Preparing the download

At last, the game is completed and fully tested :)
I am currently preparing the file, getting rid of unneeded resources and stuff.
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