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Trick or Cheat!

  • Avee
  • 09/30/2017 01:58 AM
Cheat Codes and Potential Prequel

Leaves have already begun to turn yellow and the cold is creeping in.
Soon, October will be upon us. The month of Halloween, one of the funnest holiday of the year :)

I want to share here the cheat codes that can be found in the game.
These cheats consist of three numbers that must be entered when you see the Title Screen and will only take effect when playing the Normal Mode.

Triple Experience Mode: Type "555" at the Title Screen to receive 3 times the Experience from enemies.

Triple Score Mode: Type "666" at the Title Screen to receive 3 times the Score from the candies you don't eat.

Final Stage: Type "123" at the Title Screen to skip the first 4 stages and begin with a bonus 50,000 Score.

Gallery: Type "987" at the Title Screen to view the art from cutscenes.

While the Normal Mode is much more difficult than the Easy Mode, using these cheats may make the game more enjoyable.

Halloween Wars has its flaws but I am very fond of its core concept, its setting and, most of all, its characters.
In the last few months I've been writing down ideas and drawing for a potential prequel to this game.
It is too soon to reveal anything about it, but I'm steadily making progress on this new project and hope to be able to share more information about it before long.

In any case, I want to wish a happy upcoming Halloween to everyone. Make sure to avoid the cold and flu!


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Hey, we’re still getting nice weather here and it’s almost October. And the forecast for the start of the first week doesn’t look too bad, as we usually always seem to get a lot of rain around this time of the month.

Anyways...interesting about the cheat codes. You usually don’t see a lot of RPG Maker games around here have cheat codes built in, so this is quite a nice bonus. I’m actually going to have to try some of these out.

I’m actually surprised that you didn’t decide to announce all of this on actual Halloween instead of still in September, but either way’s good, I can't complain.

- Good luck with the potential prequel, though.

The cheat codes are quite difficult to find while playing and depend on random, rare encounters, so I suppose I should have shared them earlier ( '-_-)

You lucky west coaster. We had a big sudden drop in temperature in Quebec this week, but at least it seems that we won't be getting much rain.
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