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Greetings, everyone, and thank you for looking at my game.

First, let me say this is a fan-made game and in no way shape or form is it endorsed or affiliated with Nintendo.

Second, let me say this game is currently unfinished and it will be some time before it is actually complete. I simply want to introduce it and receive community feedback (positive as well as critical feedback encouraged) on it's current state.

With that being said, let us move on to the game particulars themselves:

Pokemon - The Awakening


Have you ever been curious about life after death in Pokemon? Well, this game may provide you with an idea.


I believe this game most accurately falls within the RPG category of gaming.

Game Progression:

It will be quite some time before this project is released as a full game, but a demo may be available in a few months, including approximately an hour of actual game play.


Currently open to anyone who feels they have valuable skills, creativity, or insight to offer to this game and it's development. If anyone is interested in being a part of this project, please feel free to send me a PM. I am especially interested in anyone with mapping skills who may be interested in assisting with this project, as I feel that is an area I personally lack in.


The player's purpose within this game is to become a "legendary" Pokemon.


The Story starts with the player meeting Tommy - the youngest Poke-Master in his region who is (per his norm) running late for a broadcasting his mother is doing at the Spire Caverns Archaeological Dig site where she has found a very rare or possible previously unknown type of Pokemon fossil. Your friend Samantha drags you along for a ride to help you get there so you won't be late like the last time you had a major appointment to keep. In fact, your innate tendency to be tardy almost kept you (the player) from achieving the title of pokemaster. After you get there, you are told that your mother is on the lower level. Once you finally arrive, something strange and horrible occurs. You die.

You wake up as one of the three starters from gen 1 (I plan to possibly add more starters later) and from there you verify that you are indeed dead, but because you loved Pokemon so much and were so dedicated to them (in fact some people always thought that was the reason you were constantly running late for appointments) you have the chance to become what you always wanted - a Legendary Pokemon. From that point on there are tuts that walk you through the combat system, the gardening of berries, as well as how to "buy " moves within the game. The primary objective is to grow as a Pokemon through the use of Side-Quests and the tranquility of clearing land to plant berry trees and protecting your orchards from poaching Pokemon.

There is a video of gameplay located at:

Game play video

The text in the video is in the process of being updated, so a new link to the updated video should be available in the near future.

Latest Blog

Well Im back....

Greetings one and all,

Justwanted to drop in and say that after a very long enforced hiatus from working on this game , indeed on any game,I am back at it. Before anyone thinks I just walked out on the game i wanted to let everyone know that , My computer suffered a complete melt down , it was a old system it served me faithfully for many many years. But no I have a new system , and it will serve me well for many many many years to come.Now that all that has been said on ward to the game stuff:)

I am having to start back over from the begeinning on making ht is game ,so it might make doing a demo a bit rough, but as soon as i have a working demo i will post it here, Also I have better recording software, so my videos will look way better. Right at this moment i am working on gathering the resources i will need to do this game properly, But with any luck I will have a new short video showing the progress i have made in the game in a little over a week from today(4/6/15).and hopefully within a month ofthat i will have a short demo, for everyone to try and then give me feed back , it wont have all of the pokemon in it as of yet , but the final release will have all ofg them , plus a few that are not "real" pokemon, but rather things i have came up with and that i think would be fun to play. At any rate thats the full update, and I hope there is still intrest in the game , also i do apologize for taking so long to get everythjing back to wherei can work on this game .

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Itis a tactics pokemon game with a story,
great idea!
I am waiting for the demo, sucess!
This looks pretty sweet, I'm excited to see how it progresses! :)
Sorry about the massive delay between my postings , however i suffered a massive system melt down ,even though it took me about a year or so to get a new system , i now have one and its great , that being said i will be starting work on this once again , ill be rebuilding it from scratch, but I will be keeping things posted up to date on this site as i progress
Hey i wanna help in this game how do i pm you? :)
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