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Eye McBall In The Land of the Spooks is Weird RPG with Horror elements set in Sergio Cornaga's Eyeball game series.

It draws inspiration from games like Space Funeral, Mother/Earthbound, and Monster Party but seeks to forge its own identity. No knowledge of prior Eyeball games will be required to enjoy Land of the Spooks.

Taking place immediately after Attack of the Killer Eyeball Attacks (known shorthandedly as "Eyeball 1"), it chronicles Eye McBall's journey through the Land of the Spooks (a realm that's only capable of existing during the month of October) on a quest for vengeance against the nefarious Shadow Lord King. The biggest obstacle standing in his way? The Three Specters of November. With mere hours until their scheduled summoning of the new month, McBall will have to take drastic measures to ensure he has the time he needs to hunt down his target.


Update (10/31/13): Because this game is vaguely Halloween-themed and won't be complete until Halloween is long gone, I've thrown together a demo! I'm pretty sure it will run without the RTP, but please let me know if it gives you any problems.

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