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Easy Graphics, Hard Difficulty

''Easy Mac'' was one of the earliest community games of Gamingworld, and so one of the first ever RM community games ever. It was developed with the RPG Maker 2000 in less than 2 months under the leadership of ''Erave'' and has a playtime of between 1 and 2 hours. It was released in 2003 and is followed by a second part.

The evil Mr. Y wants to takeover the cheese factory named ''Kraft'' in an act of revenge against its new owner Erave. So Y collects as many followers as possible to attack the company and destroy Erave to name himself the new boss. You play both sides in this game: Mr. Y and his followers and Erave and his friends.
The humor of the game is not that good, but it is still the best thing about this game. A small amount of the jokes are funny, but most of them are too silly.

Nothing good about them. The graphics in this are pure trash. They mixed up absolutely everything they could find and topped that with extremely lousy and empty mapping. The textboxes are even more ugly than the standard boxes of the RTP. I can't say if I liked the fact that there are no facesets used or not, because I guess if they had used some they would have been a nightmare for my eyes.
Especially the monster graphics in the battle system are horrible since they are simply charsets stretched out with MS Paint a little bit.

I guess this is the most beautiful screenshot you can take from this game

The game has a few standard fights which are a little bit annoying but not extremely hard. Though the final boss fight was quite interesting. I had to cheat 1 time against Mr. Y himself since that battle was too hard and annoying. The savepoints are not placed very smartly. Often you have to read the same dialogue again and again, because a savepoint was missing or used too early.
In addition to that there are less minigames which are creative (like the dancing game), but not very funny to play.
The biggest effort was put into the NPCs which are all guest roles from the community of Gamingworld, I guess, and you can talk to them all. Of course Erave made himself the leader which is quite logical.

Although this game's quality is lousy, it is still a classic. You can play it because of its story or because of hoping to find one or another funny joke. But those are the only reasons to play it besides the nostalgic aspect or the many NPC guest roles. It is very old fashioned and crappy. I would describe it as a ''trashgame''. I think that is quite clear.
So I give it 2 out of 5 points, because it was after all not as annoying as many other games which have better quality.


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this review rocks.

trash game! i agree
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