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Taking place in a small mountain town, our young protagonist reads about lands of magic and fantasy. That is until they are called down by Father's call. Sitting at the table is a woman named Lucy that has been paid to escort you to a larger village to the north where you might be able to make something of yourself. Feeling forced to leave town, you pack a weapon and anything you find might help you on your travels to become a tailor's apprentice. On the way you experience strange dreams, odd occurrences of monsters and bad luck leading to the development of something sinister. Will our protagonist be able to figure out what's happening and make it to the destination, or will they suffer an untimely end? Only time will tell.

This project using RPGmakerVX Ace will be a relatively short game (~5 hours) long hopefully. It features choice in your character's gender, name, and starting class as well as your party as you proceed on your travels. In this way, you will hopefully feel more involved in the development of the story. A day / night system will also be involved in the making of this game and will hopefully flesh out the encounters.

I'm taking a lot of inspiration from the Dragon Quest game series, so hopefully when you play through you can see a noticeable comparison.

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Weapon trees DONE

Working on more of the numbers side ever since finishing the intro, the weapon/armour system was the next thing to do. Fortunately I spent a little while over the past couple days and I finished balancing all the weapons that'll be featured in the game. Even got in some random drops just to add a little fun into the game.

I'm pretty happy with that! It's time for finals right now so this project will most likely be put on the back burner for a little bit, however that'll at least give me time to work out more of the little things as so far all I've cared about is plot!
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  • 10/29/2013 08:31 PM
  • 11/26/2013 09:46 PM
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Interesting game.
When you pick class in the beginning i hit a button accidentally and it automatically picked me to be a monk.
In the bandit camp unless i missed it somewhere, there isnt one of the healing campfires to restore you and there are quite a few encounters which never seem to drop potions or anything. Getting killed after a few fights with no way to restore isnt fun.
Good points. After picking a class, until you progress by going to sleep, you should be able to re-choose your class as either a fighter or an archer. About the campfire thing, You're correct. I meant to make that a reoccurring event however I must have missed it.

Thanks for the feedback.
there seems to be and error after saying the kids and you just finished talking to lucy this is the error I get hope it can get fixed I don't like playing game where they crash on me in the important part here what the error said
(script khas awesome light effects' line 263: RGSSE Error occured disposed bitmap)
Crap! Well I'll look into it.

That really sucks, I could have figured that the script would have been solid enough. Believe it or not, you were right at the end of the demo any ways, however I'm worried if this issue is due to the script, or just a one time thing. Either way I'll see what I can do.
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