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NOTE: If you cannot run the game, download this file and follow the instructions inside.

Five high school juniors, friends for years, performed the same old ritual that always took them to Fabio's dimension for awesome party outfits... except this time, they landed in a strange, new and hostile dimension instead. Now, Grant and his friends must fight their way out in order to put together their fabulous Hallowe'en costumes in time!

Made for the 2013 Hallowe'en contest on RMN, Teenage Costume Squad is a Hallowe'en Comedy game with a strong dungeon crawling bent. It is designed to be both accessible and challenging -- there are no game over screens, and the many paths to victory mean that there's always a route to suite your tastes.

Name: Grant
Costume: Guy Cecil (Tales of the Abyss)

The de facto leader of the five, due to both his cool jacket and level-headed nature. Grant is generally quiet, except when letting out a witty one-liner or encouraging his friends to fight on. He favors the HP and Weapon stats at the expense of Fire magic and Speed, making him a strong tank character.

Name: Daphne
Costume: Miss Fortune (League of Legends)

Easily excitable, and easily sickened. Despite her poor constitution, Daphne is a pleasant young woman and a sly vixen when it comes to getting her way. What she lacks in vitality and intelligence she makes up for in exuberance and charm. She favors the Storm and Speed stats at the expense of HP and Fire, making her useful with both wind spells and weapon strikes.

Name: Kranz
Costume: Jean Kirschtein (Attack on Titan)

A bit of a pessimist, although he does have a sweet side. He is considered a goofball and klutz by his friends, and is blamed for them going to the wrong dimension. Kranz knows that none of them mean any harm, however, and although he is prone to bitter ramblings, he will always protect his friends. He favors the Water and Storm stats at the expense of Weapon and Speed, making him a solid all-around mage.

Name: Minna
Costume: Kaylee Frye (Firefly)

Kranz's older sister is equal parts genius, caretaker, and creep. Minna has a lot of unexplained talents (picking locks, using whips, analyzing the fourth dimension), which often confuses her friends while she's in the midst of saving their asses. Perhaps the most nurturing of the group, Minna is likely to get angry at somebody for hurting a friend, beat the bad guy up, and then make the friend a cup of tea. (She collected the herbs herself.) She favors the Healing and Speed stats at the expense of Weapon and Storm, making her an excellent healer and support character.

Name: Rebecca
Costume: Usagi/Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)

To Rebecca, the policy of "punch first, ask questions while punching" makes the most sense. She is both a curious observer of the world and a talented martial artist, which makes Rebecca an oddly conflicted teen. Honesty is important to her, and she can often be found muttering under her breath about how people never just come out and say things. She favors the Weapon and Fire stats at the expense of Water and Healing, making her a powerfully offensive ally able to defeat even the most guarded of foes.

Disclaimer: TCS contains strong language. If you are uncomfortable with moderate swearing, teenage hijinx, or sheep, this is not the game for you. If that sentence got you even more excited for the game, welcome aboard and enjoy the Aries Dimension. =)

Latest Blog

Fixing it Up ~ Plans for TCS Improvement

Hey, so, I plan on putting out two more versions of TCS in the future: a fixed-up, patched-up "post-contest" release in a week or two, then in a few months(ish) after my project with LouisCyphre is done, a biggerer, betterer, revamped(ed?) version, sort of like what Karsuman and I did with the V&V Overhaul.

Here's what bugs I know exist, that will be fixed immediately:
  • Berserk doesn't force attacks on the turn you inflict it
  • Poison/Burning deal damage from the correct stat (Water/Fire) but don't apply the target's resistance
  • Entry to the final dungeon is wonky
  • Equip menu has a weird window
  • Certain encounters (I know of the Witchery Cap/Gold Phalanx battles on the world map, and two spiders in Czarina's Fortress) are accidentally duplicated instead of calling the correct battle
  • There's a typo during the second chat bubble in the Kyberos Den

Things I want to work on for the TCS v1.1 release soon:
  • Add in axed dungeons (Lair of the Serpent, Tomb of the Fallen, The Void, Aries Chamber)
  • Expand the final dungeon into a proper dungeon
  • Add speed controls in the System menu, so you can walk at whatever pace you like (also will add a caterpillar on/off toggle)
  • Add a resistance window to the Character menu so you can see elemental and state resistances
  • Adjust some animations to be faster in battle
  • Increase the difficulty of "late-game" dungeons (biggest offenders are Czarina's Fortress and Dragon's Feast; you can get the top-tier spells and equipment there with a fresh-out-of-the-Den party by simply abusing Hypnosis and Bitter Ramble)
  • Adjust most, if not all, CC-inflicting spells. Hypnosis will likely stay the same. Area CC will be nerfed, and most importantly, Hold Resist will be part of every CC -- an enemy that is Stunned cannot easily be Berserked before "Hold Resist" itself is applied, for example, which is currently an extremely abusable mechanic
  • Early-game equipment will be slightly buffed in order to be more rewarding if you sequence break
  • "Boss Clear" count added to the main menu, so that you can easily see how much of the non-final dungeon game you have completed
  • Possible addition of more mid-tier spells, and teeny-tiny dungeons guarding them, so that you can have earlier access to better Fire and Water magic than Pyre Call/Bubble/Tundra for a good while

If you have any ideas, please, please share them! I'm very open to criticisms and your general thoughts. Thanks. =)
  • Completed
  • Craze
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 10/30/2013 02:53 PM
  • 03/29/2015 05:06 PM
  • 10/31/2013
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Pages: 1
Damnit Craze, I thought you were gonna have someone cosplay as Levi when I was quick scrolling down and saw Attack on Titan. Son you disappoint me, I feel trolled! :<

EDIT: I have no regrets nor am I sorry.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
levi is awesome but i just can't help but love jean i'm sorry

also i can't even believe you just did that
It's obligatory :D
must be all that rtp in your diet
dis gam gud
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
dis gam gud

u can pass nao
This looks so bad but so unbelievably good that I cannot exactly put it into words.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
This looks so bad but so unbelievably good that I cannot exactly put it into words.

This is pretty much exactly how I feel about it.
Since your fixing some things, here a few bugs I've encountered on my playthrough:

Game crashes when playing Czarina's husband in the volcano. Wish I could tell you the trigger but I can't find it. I've played it like 20 times and it crashes every time:

Script 'command' line 1022: NoMethodError occurred.
undefined method `valid?' for nil:NilClass

Oddly, when I stop using Tiger Blade, it seems to hold off for a while I think, but it still happens.

Same exact thing is happening on Czarina also where it crashes mid battle. Can't get past either without a crash.

Also, I'm sorry this is completely from memory, but there was something that Rebecca said in either the dungeon with the dragon in it or the one with the grass and lake in it that I think was missing a word. I played it late last night so I'm not sure if I'm being the most helpful sorry.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
I just wanted to share this comment posted on the steam workshop page for this game last night:


thanks corrosion

mcowdery, are you running windows XP by any chance?
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