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The world of Morphos Metaphor is set in the city of Kirimori, where supernatural events challenge the peace of its residents. Locals stir the rumored sightings of ghosts and shadows at sunset, the police receive monthly reports of missing people, and comatose has become a prevalent case among the patients rushed in most of the city's hospitals.

You are a student in Kirimori City's prestigious institution, Higashimori High School. The school prides itself with its high quality of education, living up to the school's firm belief that the best education can be attained, but only to those who have the potential to succeed.

Kirimori is a place where mystery and illusions embraces the city at night, although, there are no secrets which forever remain hidden, for the Arcana is the means by which all is revealed.

- Morphos Metaphor Intro Statement

A short project created in a month for a story event. Morphos Metaphor is based off of Shin Megami Tensei, but establishes it's own setting and lore to set it apart.

In this entry, a group of high school students close in on an abandoned hospital building to investigate and drive off the supernatural forces holed up within.

Mechanics Stuff

Gameplay is mostly standard RPG fare. Walk through maps and progress through story events. Items can be looted throughout, so keep an eye out.

The battle system is fairly standard as well. There are really only two mechanics to take note of. Awakening and Skill Boost.

When the purple diamond next to a character's GUI fills completely, they can use the Awaken command. This commands boosts all stats, restores HP/SP, and restores all cooldowns. However it costs a turn to perform, so be aware.

Skill Boost is a mechanic that allows characters to combine skills with one another. There is no in game reference, so the only way to know is to experiment with skill combinations. Here are a few freebies though.

Ice Dance + Garula = Ziodyne

Magarula + Hama = Megidolaon

Mighty Swing + Herculean Strike = Akasha Arts

...The rest? Good luck finding them out.

Other Stuff

- There is a hidden boss located somewhere in the game.

- There are no shops. Enemies drop items at a low rate and most items are found from looting the environment. It's a game of attrition.

- There are some minor hiccups throughout, but nothing gamebreaking as far as we know. Our times up anyway, so-

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I figured out how to beat the last boss because i been having trouble with her for the longest time.
I'm glad you had fun! It was a short, one month project, so it's not the most balanced, but we put our hearts into it.

Thanks for playing!
Hi I got an error after beating the first enemy battle when you walk in.

Script 'Game_Actor' line 67: NoMethodError occured
undefined method'round' for (-40.0-0.0i):Complex

At the end of the battle Makoto was at 0 hp in case thats a factor in the error. It was a single enemy I think it was called Prohet it was black with red and resistant to nearly everything but the combo skills.

Second try fought a group of enemies some characters at 0 hp and everything worked fine.

Not sure what caused the error the first time but I figured I'd mention it
Hi, I don't know if you're still active. I like this game, but I am finding the battles against normal enemies way too hard. They do too much damage. Is there something I am doing wrong? What could I do to make the battles easier on me?
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