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RM.Coalition Presents
A Neon Black and Hyde9318 Production


Zombies. Their creation means death and destruction all across the globe. That is exactly where we have placed you as a player. After an unknown event linked to Chimera Corporation has sparked the zombie apocalypse, you are set into a world where surviving as long as you can is your only option. Take up arms as one of our two known survivors and defend yourself as long as you can against endless hordes of zombies and mutated abominations. If the killing spree gets to be too much for you, team up with a friend to cut down your enemies!

- Play against endless waves of enemies and shoot for first place on the high score list, Arcade Style in survival mode.

- Choose from multiple maps, each with their own atmosphere and set of problems!

- Pick your weapon from an arsenal of guns to take down zombies in your own way!

- You will find different kinds of zombies and mutants during your fight, ranging from normal zombies to acid spewers that will sap your health even after death.

- Three different ways to control your game; Use your Keyboard, Mouse, or even a controller!

- Grab a friend and take those zombies down in 2-player local Co-Op!!

Latest Blog

Behind the Scenes #1 - In the Beginning and Visions to Come

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first of a few planned 'Zombies: Behind the Scenes' features. My name is Hyde and I will be taking over this first feature, titled "In the Beginning".

Zombies, as those of you who have already played it know, is not your typical RPG Maker game. While it features some elements of the norm for this engine, we have pretty much stripped the engine down to its bones and built the game we wanted. While I worked in the graphical department, Neon spent many hours getting it all to run smoothly. He is the true hero with this game, trust me. But what people don't know about this game is that it has been kind of a long time coming.

The game pretty much has been a result of both Neon's and my own interest in the undead. I personally had just started getting into playing Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Mode. I remember a thought running through my mind... "Why isn't this a separate game? It isn't anything like the regular gameplay and deserves its own title". This was also around the time that I had started getting a group together to start putting out free resources to the RMing community (the beginning of what would become the RM Coalition). I was beginning to meet and make friends with some new people, and I was particularly looking out for new scripters to join the group. After meeting Neon and having some chats with him, my idea of giving Zombies its own title popped back into my head, but what if I were to work on it?

Shortly after, I contacted Neon with my idea. It was quite the script request to begin with, so I was nervous to ask... but pages on our conversation go by and we both had gotten so into the idea that we pretty much made up our minds on what we would do. However, shortly afterwards, our schedules conflicted and our plans fell on hiatus. Zombies had begun to look further and further away. Neon had earned a resource staff position and I was hard at work with the RM.Coalition, so neither of us had the time we needed to perfect our ideas.

Months went by, no game progress. It wasn't until the announcement of the RMN Halloween Contest that we talked about the project again. I saw the announcement and remembered our plans. I thought it would be fun to pick the project back up and submit a basic concept version for the contest, but I needed to be able to work as a team like before. After a quick contact and some new brainstorming, Neon and I had begun work again, this time on a mission to complete the game within half a month. I got to work on the graphical aspects on the time that I had, while Neon got quickly to work doing what he does best. It was during these brainstorming sessions that the game had taken its current form as a twin-stick shooter. Neon came up with the idea and I personally couldn't be happier. I feel it has given the game more of an Arcade Game type feel, which was what I had wanted all along. And boy oh boy did Neon pull it off with his scripting!

Fast forward a bit, a week left til submission deadline. Here we are with nothing but a concept... Scripting was well on its way, but my work schedule has left me far behind on graphical works. Getting down to the wire, Neon is now pulling long scripting hours while I am chugging Energy Drinks and Coffee to stay up a bit and get GFX done. A couple days before submission, I finally have the main menus done, even if they are rather basic graphically. I start fiddling with HUD designs as I watch my countdown timer ticking away. Neon is sending me concept tests for the system, all of which boost my confidence in the game even more. Down to the wire, I finally send him a HUD design I am comfortable with. He takes it, implements it, and organizes it right away. Now we find ourselves with less than 24 hours to go, the game is not ready. I set a countdown timer on my iPhone while I head in to work, knowing that my time is limited to finish tweaking the graphics. Both of us are nervous and Neon has nearly pulled an all nighter just coding the systems and debugging at the same time. I get home and run to my computer, knowing my time is over with, I have to finish now.

Later that night, I come back inside. My family puts on a Haunted House on Halloween each year and we were just closing up shop. I get to the computer to find the game has been submitted. Now the time of reckoning. How will people perceive our work? Did we put in enough time? What if we messed up?

It was then that I got my biggest boost of confidence since our first brainstorming sessions... I handed two xbox controllers to the group of people sitting in my living room and used an HDMI cable to bring my laptop screen over to the bigscreen tv. I started the game, heard that opening song start playing, and just walked away to let them play the game for themselves. They went in not knowing what to expect, or even what kind of game they were going to play. The boost in confidence came when I realized the High-Score list had filled up and the controllers were still being passed around, all of these people competing to have the highest score on the list. It made me feel great.

Win or lose the contest, it was good to know that the game is a hit with someone. It means that we reached a gamer, which is a great feeling. In my mind, making video games is not about creating the best game out there, but doing what you can to reach an audience that wants to be entertained. If you do it for the players and not for the fame or glory, you will win every time.

So, you may ask, where to next? I don't want to give too many details as I want to give you all a nice surprise, but lets go ahead and give you something to look forward to. Zombies was fun enough to work on that we plan on keeping the title going. We plan on moving forward with the 'Zombies' title and bringing decent updates and even more versions of the game, maybe even a sequel. The first major update will be giving some new levels, Tweaks and Redesigns of previous levels, stat balancing, and even new enemy types (its not always the zombie on two legs that you should worry about...). While Halloween Edition was not exactly an extremely in-depth experience, we do plan on bringing some major depth to the title with future updates, ranging from new gameplay aspects to a nice story to explain what had caused the chaos you are now trying to survive in.

I think that if you liked Halloween Edition and are interested in seeing the game grow, you will be pleasantly surprised as time goes on. With such an amazing scripter on duty, you guys will be treated to fun gameplay that should keep you from being bored on those slow days.

So, on a closing note, I would like to just give some final words. Thank you everyone for supporting our efforts. I'm glad to see that some of you are enjoying your play time. I would like to thank Neon for working with me, even if my schedules can make deadlines a little stressful, lol. I would also like to thank RMN as a whole for holding the Halloween contest in the first place, of which without, we probably wouldn't have thought to come back to this project.

I am hoping to keep these behind the scenes going over time, each time providing different development stories and such. I will be inviting Neon to also take part in writing this series so that he can give you some of his own stories and ideas. Thank you all for reading through today! You all have a wonderful day and I'll catch you next time!
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  • 10/31/2013 10:02 AM
  • 11/16/2014 08:05 AM
  • 10/31/2013
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It's fun! It could be a little more zombie heavy on some of the earlier rounds but I really like it. Can't wait to see the final version. :)
It's fun! It could be a little more zombie heavy on some of the earlier rounds but I really like it. Can't wait to see the final version. :)

Thanks for the support Drass! And a big thank you for trying it out and giving feedback. Every little bit helps up create a better game. Just wait for the first update... ;-)
To anyone who has download our game and has given it a playthrough, let us know what you thought either through comments or maybe even drop us a review! We would love to hear your opinions.

Also, I am currently working on building a small strategy guide for the game that will cover different things like zombie types, brief overviews of maps and weapons, and even in-depth analysis of in-game mechanics.

I did not realize we programmed helicopters into the game, lmao. Either way, Im glad to see you found some joy in the game. And the title of your video made me laugh. Thank you for showing us your game experience.
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