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Latest Update: Version 1.232 (November 14, 2019)

One hundred years after the events of Blackmoon Prophecy, the world of Gaia has recovered from the conflict with Emperor Belmont, Malacore, and Zeul which saw a group of adventurers, today known as the Light Warriors, save the world from certain doom.

The rebuilt Lindblum Kingdom stands proudly as the world's fastest growing economical and military force. With the fierce backing of Esperkind behind the kingdom, it appeared that nothing would disrupt the immense prosperity that Lindblum was experiencing until Esperkind suddenly turned against Lindblum. The game follows the adventures of a young Augurer (specially trained anti-Esper monster summoner) named Zephyr Highwind who is forced to abandon his simple lifestyle of looking after Winter, a white chocobo which belonged to his deceased sister Ezra. With new friends aiding him, Zephyr seeks to put an end to the rising hostilities between Lindblum and the Espers, led by Ramuh, before the conflict engulfs the entire globe.

Blackmoon Prophecy II features twelve main characters, five optional characters, and two guest characters. Expected playtime should be in the range of 40+ hours.

Check out Blackmoon Prophecy across the internet for lots of progress updates and screenshots not shown on RMN (in order to prevent spamming the front page/everyone's notices).

Need help? Check out Firefly84's guide here.

Latest Blog

Blackmoon Prophecy II: "The Crystal War" Story Expansion

Blackmoon Prophecy II is getting, for lack of a better word, an "expansion".

Because of recent interest in the game over Discord and in LPs, my interest in providing updates to the game has been rekindled and I have decided that the Crystal War, an event that occurred one year prior to the start of the first Blackmoon Prophecy game, will be explored in Blackmoon Prophecy II as an optional story arc that will, hopefully, be a few hours in length. A few years back I tossed around the idea of making a short standalone prequel game based around the Crystal War, but I recently decided that it would be cool to allow the heroes of Blackmoon Prophecy II to relive it instead.

The update for this content will be called Blackmoon Prophecy II: The Crystal War. Updates on HOW to access to the content will be provided when I've made some sufficient progress. Suffice to say, it will not be available until late in the game after the party has messed with the timeline a bit. Without going into detail, the result of their exploits will allow them to travel to another timeline in Gaia's past and explore the Crystal War as it unfolded.

Vera will be required to lead the party for the duration of the Crystal War update since she was a major figure in the war. If you're interested in this future update, then get to leveling her up if you haven't! Level 60 will probably be the recommended minimum level for this content.

A few new summons, that will lend themselves specifically to Vera, may also appear. I've added a link to a Strawpoll below for you guys to vote on who you would like to see appear as a summon.

Expect updates in the coming weeks. Though I can't say WHEN I plan for this update to be finished, I'll say that I would LIKE for it to be ready in December of this year to mark the game's two year anniversary since being released.

New summons poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/18815727

Expect more updates in the coming weeks!
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I am unable to fight Boss Rubicant. I push enter on the crystal on the throne in the ancient castle and it doesn't do anything.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I am unable to fight Boss Rubicant. I push enter on the crystal on the throne in the ancient castle and it doesn't do anything.

Did you disable the other four crystals first?
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
New update:

Version 1.23
▪ Corrected an eventing error in the Cave of Magic that caused visual discrepancies.
▪ Corrected MP cost of Demi.
▪ Fixed a graphical error in the game's ending.
▪ Fixed a (very) minor eventing error in the game's ending.
▪ Fixed a minor typo in the final dungeon.
▪ Fixed a minor typo in the Genesis Obelisk.
▪ Fixed a minor typo in the Rift Shrine.
▪ Fixed a minor tile passability issue in the final dungeon.
▪ Fixed issue that caused Gau to appear on the airship before actually being recruited.
▪ Fixed issue that prevented player from occasionally being unable to save on world map late in game.
▪ Increased encounter rate in Sodden Depths.
▪ Trimmed the end of ff6battle.mp3 to remove an out of place jingle.