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Latest Update: Version 1.5 (January 23, 2021)

One hundred years after the events of Blackmoon Prophecy, the world of Gaia has recovered from the conflict with Emperor Belmont, Malacore, and Zeul which saw a group of adventurers, today known as the Light Warriors, save the world from certain doom.

The rebuilt Lindblum Kingdom stands proudly as the world's fastest growing economical and military force. With the fierce backing of Esperkind behind the kingdom, it appeared that nothing would disrupt the immense prosperity that Lindblum was experiencing until Esperkind suddenly turned against Lindblum. The game follows the adventures of a young Augurer (specially trained anti-Esper monster summoner) named Zephyr Highwind who is forced to abandon his simple lifestyle of looking after Winter, a white chocobo which belonged to his deceased sister Ezra. With new friends aiding him, Zephyr seeks to put an end to the rising hostilities between Lindblum and the Espers, led by Ramuh, before the conflict engulfs the entire globe.

Blackmoon Prophecy II features twelve main characters, five optional characters, and two guest characters. Expected playtime should be in the range of 40+ hours.

Check out Blackmoon Prophecy across the internet for lots of progress updates and screenshots not shown on RMN (in order to prevent spamming the front page/everyone's notices).

Need help? Check out Firefly84's guide here.

Check out Blackmoon Prophecy Prelude now in development:

Latest Blog

Blackmoon Prophecy II Plus Now Available

Change Log:
  • Added a check in Eternia to guarantee that a specific event would run if the player backtracked and later returned.
  • Added a new interior battle background for boats and ships.
  • Added a third save point to Eternia.
  • Added claws to Lindblum City's weapon shop after Jasmine joins the party.
  • Added Diamond Isle Cave as an optional location to visit late in the game.
  • Added Gau as an optional character.
  • Added Jossley as an optional character.
  • Added lamb chops to the Hillsdale item shop.
  • Added Lukahn's Workshop as an optional location to visit late in the game.
  • Added Relaxed Mode, which can be selected at the start of the game.
  • Added Solitary Isle as an optional location to visit late in the game.
  • Adjusted positioning of monsters in various enemy formations to prevent them from looking too bunched together.
  • Changed around the spectral encounters you fight in the garden of the Mage Quarter in Lindblum City.
  • Changed colour of Zephyr's dragoon armor.
  • Changed dialogue of all augurers in the Augurer Colosseum.
  • Changed the menu graphic for Genji Glove.
  • Changed party formation of Reiner's group during scenarios to avoid potential glitches with Silas in fourth spot.
  • Changed Shiva's graphic during the sequence where Ramuh unleashes Espers in Koltz Forest.
  • Changed version of Poison spell cast by Nega in Old Lindblum Armory, as it isn't supposed to play the casting animation.
  • Edited cave battle backgrounds slightly to prevent mild repetition.
  • Fixed a bug I created in the last patch that made Zephyr visible for the entirety of the intro.
  • Fixed a chest in Dawnmarch that incorrectly referenced what it contained.
  • Fixed a pathing issue in Koltz Forest.
  • Fixed a minor tile passability issue with a cave tileset.
  • Fixed an event in Alexandria that could be activated earlier than intended.
  • Fixed colour of grass in various locations.
  • Fixed issue regarding the fireplace in Crescent Village's inn not animated during cutscene with Zephyr.
  • Fixed issue that allowed Zephyr to be removed from party lead at a time he is supposed to remain in that position.
  • Fixed issue that caused Mohadmal Tomb hummingway to crash the game when trying to start a card game with him.
  • Fixed issue with Rudra not being fully visible on screen when he is flying to Auslen. Only his tail could be seen.
  • Fixed issue with Tetra Master card shop windows being excessively narrow by reverting to default shop menus.
  • Fixed some minor issues with pathing and treasure chests in the Overgrowth.
  • Fixed some typos present during the party's initial boat ride to Lenadia.
  • Gave Cid a unique weapon called Commander's Blade with high magic and vigor stats to give players a better sense of Cid being a strong leader.
  • Realigned Jossley's sprite.
  • Removed an attack from Doom Scarab's script that did not reference an actual ability or spell.
  • Removed railings from stairs in Tzen and automated walking up/down.
  • Replaced obsolete hidden items in Zephyr's home with new ones.
  • Resized "Mark Cleared!" image.

Now available on the downloads page. Enjoy!
  • Completed
  • UPRC
  • thomasstoutXXV (Live Testing)
    LaMasquerade (Composer)
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 11/05/2013 03:32 PM
  • 11/08/2022 11:53 PM
  • 12/23/2017
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Remember when I got everyone to level 99 before the end of World 1 in BP1? :D Good times.

A while. :P
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I don't know how you guys don't get bored doing that, haha.
Going to play the shit out of this this weekend :D
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Going to play the shit out of this this weekend :D

Good to here! Since you're able to do proper testing now, I can hook you up with the latest updates I've made up to where I've left off by the time Saturday rolls around. I should be able to finish Lenadia Castle by then. That place really should have been finished by now, but this week has been way too hectic! I'm back to normal work hours tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to buckle down and finish it. I'd like to since there are five cutscenes and a handful of interiors/rooms I still need to finish.

Lenadia Castle is big. It's a hub area like Alexandria and Lindblum City, only mostly indoors since, well, it's a castle.

Lenadia Castle has the following (asterisk denotes map is completed):
Armor Shop
Berona Republic Embassy
Ivalice Embassy
Lindblum Embassy
Magic Shop
Materia Shop
*Optional Dungeon
*Outdoor Courtyard
Pawn Shop
Relic Shop
Rosetta Stone Trader
*Several Hub Maps
Throne Room
Weapon Shop

Lenadia Castle does not have:
Card Shop

So it pretty much has... well, almost everything.
Remember when I got everyone to level 99 before the end of World 1 in BP1? :D Good times.
A while. :P

Thats where I got the idea to go to level 99 from I want to be the 1st person 2 get to level 99 in Final Fantasy black moon prophecy 2.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Well, don't try too hard! Remember that current saves are not compatible with future downloads of the game.
When do you think we can expect the next update?
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
When do you think we can expect the next update?

No idea at the moment. I may just hold off until the game is done, which I'm hoping will be early summer 2015. I'm on the third continent out of four within a year, so progress has certainly been pretty good and I think I can probably finish by then.
How do I get the 1st chest in Alexander?
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I think that I accidentally blocked it off at one point. Don't worry about it, there's nothing extremely useful in the chests on the first screen of the city.

I can't find 1 card for Biggs in Lindblum City.

I have following:

Bomb, Cactuar, Chocobo, Gaelicat, Lobo, Moogle, Mover, Mu, and Ochu

Could you please hint where the 10th one is.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Sure can! Check the Mage Plaza. ;)
Thanks for the hint.

I just found a little mistake. I'm trying to synthesize a Lycosidae DNA and the message I get "Reiner has already learned Spider Blitz". But he didn't or at least it doesn't show in his summon menu.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Ah, well, the DNA strands have been completely overhauled since the last demo anyway. I can't really check to see what might've gone wrong for you!
It's OK, I just thought I'd mention it for future update or not.

My game crashed when I tried to enter Kusku Salar.

"Unable to find file:
Audio/BGM/Sand Prison"
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I know, that was caused by a slight change in the BGM's name after Brandon sent me a new version of it. The problem is documented on the download page and exists only in the demo.

Check out the "known issues" blurb on this page to know what else you might bump into: http://rpgmaker.net/games/5722/downloads/6159/

You know reading the time line, this game is all Vahn's Fault!!!!!1
You know reading the time line, this game is all Vahn's Fault!!!!!1

How so? Explain!!!!

I just finished playing the demo, and would like to post my random thoughts, feel free to ignore them.

1. First of all I like the second game better, just because I don't like the 2K3's build games. I really hated ATB battle system in the 1st game, therefore I like this game much better, if just for the battle system only.

2. The story line is good, and very much understandable and straight forward. Directions is well explained, so you don't have to wonder from place to place, guessing where to go next.

3. Random encounters are well spaces, and just right difficulty for the area.

4. Non optional bosses just a tad too easy, you could up the difficulty here, but maybe give a little more reward too.

5. Optional bosses, or Marks, as you called them here, are ridiculously difficult, same as in the 1st game.

6. Whenever I had to grind, it was for gold, not exp., so maybe up the gold by 10% to 20%, especially in the beginning.

7. Too much Iron Ore and not enough Mythril Ore, especially in the beginning of the game. I had to trek back places, to synthesize Mythril Weapons. At the end of Demo, I was left with 50 Iron ore, and 20 Mythtil Ore, only because Bold could steal Mythril Ore, but by then I hardly needed Mythril Ore anymore.

8. Grammar overall is pretty good, I found very little grammatical mistake, but sentence structure often is just wrong, and threw me off sometimes. I think someone should go over the dialogs and correct them. I could replay the demo and point out the mistakes to you, let me know if you want me to.

9. Overall, the game is extremely enjoyable, and I think everybody going appreciate the work and effort you put into it. I will anxiously await for completion of the game, for me it can't be soon enough.

Thank you for creating this 2 gems of the games, which I enjoyed playing tremendously.

P.S. For the life of me I can't defeat Fumigator. Is there a feasible strategy I could incorporate here? I've been trying to defeat him for over 10 times, with different party members. I'm already over leveled, so I have no idea how to go at him. He has no weaknesses and immune to everything. (Really?)