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Latest Update: Version 1.5 (January 23, 2021)

One hundred years after the events of Blackmoon Prophecy, the world of Gaia has recovered from the conflict with Emperor Belmont, Malacore, and Zeul which saw a group of adventurers, today known as the Light Warriors, save the world from certain doom.

The rebuilt Lindblum Kingdom stands proudly as the world's fastest growing economical and military force. With the fierce backing of Esperkind behind the kingdom, it appeared that nothing would disrupt the immense prosperity that Lindblum was experiencing until Esperkind suddenly turned against Lindblum. The game follows the adventures of a young Augurer (specially trained anti-Esper monster summoner) named Zephyr Highwind who is forced to abandon his simple lifestyle of looking after Winter, a white chocobo which belonged to his deceased sister Ezra. With new friends aiding him, Zephyr seeks to put an end to the rising hostilities between Lindblum and the Espers, led by Ramuh, before the conflict engulfs the entire globe.

Blackmoon Prophecy II features twelve main characters, five optional characters, and two guest characters. Expected playtime should be in the range of 40+ hours.

Check out Blackmoon Prophecy across the internet for lots of progress updates and screenshots not shown on RMN (in order to prevent spamming the front page/everyone's notices).

Need help? Check out Firefly84's guide here.

Check out Blackmoon Prophecy Prelude now in development:

Latest Blog

Blackmoon Prophecy II Plus Now Available

Change Log:
  • Added a check in Eternia to guarantee that a specific event would run if the player backtracked and later returned.
  • Added a new interior battle background for boats and ships.
  • Added a third save point to Eternia.
  • Added claws to Lindblum City's weapon shop after Jasmine joins the party.
  • Added Diamond Isle Cave as an optional location to visit late in the game.
  • Added Gau as an optional character.
  • Added Jossley as an optional character.
  • Added lamb chops to the Hillsdale item shop.
  • Added Lukahn's Workshop as an optional location to visit late in the game.
  • Added Relaxed Mode, which can be selected at the start of the game.
  • Added Solitary Isle as an optional location to visit late in the game.
  • Adjusted positioning of monsters in various enemy formations to prevent them from looking too bunched together.
  • Changed around the spectral encounters you fight in the garden of the Mage Quarter in Lindblum City.
  • Changed colour of Zephyr's dragoon armor.
  • Changed dialogue of all augurers in the Augurer Colosseum.
  • Changed the menu graphic for Genji Glove.
  • Changed party formation of Reiner's group during scenarios to avoid potential glitches with Silas in fourth spot.
  • Changed Shiva's graphic during the sequence where Ramuh unleashes Espers in Koltz Forest.
  • Changed version of Poison spell cast by Nega in Old Lindblum Armory, as it isn't supposed to play the casting animation.
  • Edited cave battle backgrounds slightly to prevent mild repetition.
  • Fixed a bug I created in the last patch that made Zephyr visible for the entirety of the intro.
  • Fixed a chest in Dawnmarch that incorrectly referenced what it contained.
  • Fixed a pathing issue in Koltz Forest.
  • Fixed a minor tile passability issue with a cave tileset.
  • Fixed an event in Alexandria that could be activated earlier than intended.
  • Fixed colour of grass in various locations.
  • Fixed issue regarding the fireplace in Crescent Village's inn not animated during cutscene with Zephyr.
  • Fixed issue that allowed Zephyr to be removed from party lead at a time he is supposed to remain in that position.
  • Fixed issue that caused Mohadmal Tomb hummingway to crash the game when trying to start a card game with him.
  • Fixed issue with Rudra not being fully visible on screen when he is flying to Auslen. Only his tail could be seen.
  • Fixed issue with Tetra Master card shop windows being excessively narrow by reverting to default shop menus.
  • Fixed some minor issues with pathing and treasure chests in the Overgrowth.
  • Fixed some typos present during the party's initial boat ride to Lenadia.
  • Gave Cid a unique weapon called Commander's Blade with high magic and vigor stats to give players a better sense of Cid being a strong leader.
  • Realigned Jossley's sprite.
  • Removed an attack from Doom Scarab's script that did not reference an actual ability or spell.
  • Removed railings from stairs in Tzen and automated walking up/down.
  • Replaced obsolete hidden items in Zephyr's home with new ones.
  • Resized "Mark Cleared!" image.

Now available on the downloads page. Enjoy!
  • Completed
  • UPRC
  • thomasstoutXXV (Live Testing)
    LaMasquerade (Composer)
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 11/05/2013 03:32 PM
  • 09/08/2023 04:32 PM
  • 12/23/2017
  • 1490695
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Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Don't use that wiki for reliable information for in-game items, as a lot of it was written before the game was completed.
Is there any guide to the solution of the 4-way path in Balmag Subterrane?
Hi just wanted to say I beat the first game and the 2ed one seems even better then the 1st namely with a few fixes that buged me in the first one seemed fixed stuff like being able to skip random encounters have done wonders for my heart :)
I just got bolt and i wanted to ask does anyone know how steal works like is the chance to steal a item higher with levels or stats or is it just chance based?

So far only issue I have had is a little lag in some battles namely the one with the bone lady had some issues.
And it is kind of hard to get into the plot what with the plot being use fighting and killing Espers I feel like of bad i mean i know people got to defend themselves just seems odd Espers did this guessing it's part of the plotline hell i even have a Idea of my own of what is going on let's just say I think someone from the past may not be 100% dead but that is just a idea i have :)
So yeah i am like 12 hours in now and the battle lag is seeming to increase or something very annoying to have heros being laggy in battle hurts to look at not unplayble but the first game had no lag shame to see this one have it.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Yeah, that seems to be some kind of scripting issue that I'm unable to fix since:
A) I don't know RGSS
B) The battle system scripts are in Japanese

It's just an unfortunate thing that you'll have to deal with.
Yeah, that seems to be some kind of scripting issue that I'm unable to fix since:
A) I don't know RGSS
B) The battle system scripts are in Japanese

It's just an unfortunate thing that you'll have to deal with.

Free game so i can complain to hard i guess.
Ok so I'm at odin and want to get some levels anyone know if there is a reverse moogle charm? so like every step i take i get in a fight if not that's fine i just wanted to know if there is a item like that and where to find it :)
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Uploading now:

Version 1.4
● Aether Cave reopens late in the game. You may return after a major event occurs. You'll know the one.
● Altered possible dialogue that may occur during the ending if Swordman's End is fully completed.
● Berserk attack power increase changed from 150% to 125%.
● Blizzard elemental damage rate from flu changed from 250% to 175%.
● Changed speed parameter curves for all playable characters. 250-260 is now considered the highest rather than 350ish.
● Fire elemental damage rate from burn changed from 250% to 175%.
● Fixed an issue that did not allow Kappa's side quest to progress beyond a certain point.
● Fixed some typos in the Berona Republic.
● Fixed the Peeper item that was added a while ago since it could not be used in battle. I am POSITIVE that they work now!
● Physical elemental damage rate from weaken changed from 300% to 150%.
● Remedy, X-Remedy, and Esuna spell are all now able to remove the weaken status condition.
For some reason I can't extract the files.

Edit: it was just a problem with winrar.
Hello there, I juust started playing this two days ago and have pretty much been enjoying it so far. Now i just arrived in branch and i can't seem to progress. There are no cutscenes or people i can talk to to progress. I also can't change m party member's order to see if i need a specific member to trigger something or so...

Edit;: nvm i found out that i had to do something in garamonde
I can't find the angel wing in alexandria. was it moved elsewhere or was it missable ? thanks!
This is just a theory, but I think the battle lag is due too many things going on script-wise and possibly in the background.

I started to notice this when I reached Adamantium Caves, and I think the moving graphics, the size of the areas, and possibly the many scripts is what is possibly causing the lag.

Its just a guess on my part, I'm not entirely sure how VX Ace typically works.

It seems to me there can't be too many things going on in one area or else it leads to issues, I was kind of surprised my MSI was struggling because this is a beef of a laptop so its definitely a engine issue.

It reminds me of another time when I used to play Neverwinter Nights and the exact same issue was apparent, if you have too many things going on there is bound to be some strange issues and including delays/lags.

Just to note since I'm posting I wanted to mention a story bug? I think.

This only happens if you put on the Moogle Charm and you go to that port town west of Alexandria, the residents there speak of events that hasn't happened yet and it would seem kind of odd to players.

Since the charm would protect from monsters that can one shot you in that area it is probably better to block the bridge until a certain story point happens.

Also you can completely skip Riveria if you head straight to the Desert Dungeon without trying to find a certain character first over there. I didn't test whether or not if the events would fire still if I did it the other way around, I just happen to catch it and prevented myself from going further and doing it the correct way.

Btw I had a NPC mention Lukahn's lab being West, but I didn't see any dungeon out in the field anywhere, either its on a different continent or its hidden in plain sight somewhere.

EDIT (Found another nasty bug, warning it contains spoilers)

If for some reason you don't have life materia and phoenix downs by the time you reach the Church of Graviton, and if for some reason Carina is knocked out with no way to revive after the boss battle...well a nasty showstopper occurs. Basically she needs to be revived for a certain event boss battle or else its always game over every time you try to escape the Church.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Regarding the lag, I don't know what can possibly cause it. It just seems to gradually become more of a thing the further in you get. Other games that use the Tankentai battle system don't seem to have this problem (most notably Final Fantasy Legend of Balance, which the creator of helped me get Tankentai set up for this game). I don't think it's caused by anything that is incorporated into the game as you go since nothing really changes in the battle system from start to finish except perhaps having more items/spells to select from. Adamantium Caves is also the earliest I've probably heard of it becoming clearly noticeable! I think that, for me, it was usually sometime during the Berona Republic portion when it would start to creep in.

Rivera's 100% not mandatory when you land in Ivalice, which was one of the few changes I made from the small parts of Corfasius' scathing review that I agreed with (mostly things about backtracking).

Lukahn's Laboratory is on the world map, but on a remote island off the southeast coast of Ivalice. I vaguely recall the NPC you're mentioning, and I know that he/she does sputter some kind of incorrect dialogue about Lukahn's Laboratory that would need fixing.
To new players, when you reach Mount Valla and finish it, be absolutely sure you bring Hautley or you will regret it. The Midway boss is fast, and you need to use Hautley's Limit break to put protections up in time and then break his Magic and Vigor whichever character can accomplish it.

Also Haste is important.

This boss is rather unexpected in difficulty and you can't change your party members once you choose who goes with you.

Unfortunately there is luck involved, this boss has so many attacks that answers almost everything and your character's turn speed may not be able to always keep up unless you have Jasmine in the group.

Flames Shields is 100% needed.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Been ages, so I don't remember anything myself. Which boss is that? I think during my tests, I probably had Zephyr, Jasmine, Sapphire, Silas.
Been ages, so I don't remember anything myself. Which boss is that? I think during my tests, I probably had Zephyr, Jasmine, Sapphire, Silas.

That would be

Also I just finished your game, its definitely leagues better than FF-BM1, the lag is a bit of a issue but it doesn't hinder the story or gameplay that much.

Unfortunately the ending left a bit of a partial bitter taste in my mouth, I'm not really a fan of it since in a sense that was a slap to the player's face for various reasons in my opinion. It seems you have or had plans to set up a BMIII surrounding this I'm guessing, but since you've moved on to original ideas I suppose its going to be a eternal cliff-hanger. Also noticed other some subtle shenanigans going on toward the end suggesting you were setting up something, and in a way like you did with BM1.

The ending to me wasn't totally bad, but the way it ends is not my cup of tea.

Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Wow, it feels like you were just talking about playing the game! You plowed through it quickly!

And yeah, I knew that the ending would be controversial when I was writing it. The original draft that I had come up with before I even started making the game was even more bleak. I definitely wanted it to be a bittersweet ending rather than a "happily ever after" like all of the Final Fantasy games, and I knew some players would probably react indifferently to it. That's all part of the fun of making these games, I say!
Does Zuu still drop its essence for the feather light auger ability
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Does Zuu still drop its essence for the feather light auger ability

Sure does.
I just killed atomos cid is only one alive and every time I go out entrance it’s game over