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Future Plans & What's New

  • UPRC
  • 06/16/2014 10:57 AM
Optional Dungeons
I look back at the first game and I have to wonder how many people may have felt overwhelmed towards the end of the game after getting the airship for the second time. With so many locations to visit, a lot of players probably wondered what locations were mandatory, which were optional, etc. I'm addressing this possible issue in the Blackmoon Prophecy II by adding a prompt that will pop up whenever a player visits a new optional dungeon. When the player visits each optional dungeon, a dialogue box will inform them that the area is optional and that they do not have to clear it or even step another foot inside. With that said, the prompt does encourage the player to proceed and look for treasures that may not be found elsewhere. The first optional dungeon, Alexandria Sewers, has a summon for Zephyr (Sewer Rat, squeak!), a mini boss, and a run in with the game's recurring joke villain.

Step into the Past, Brave Augurers!
Totally thought of this out of the blue, but I really liked the idea of it and do want to try to incorporate it down the line. At one point or another, I'd love to add an NPC that lets the party enter a meditative state of sorts and revisit events of the past. This would be something like the Laguna dream sequences in FF8, though it wouldn't just focus on the three same guys each time. One could focus on the party from the first game, another could focus on the Crystal War before the first game, and so forth. It could let players briefly play as all kinds of old characters such as Adder, Malacore, Wedge, Ivalice's Four Swords (Braak, Deckar, Eva and Vera together) and minor characters people could've forgotten such as Sabino (Mage Academy headmaster), Baram (Lindblum rebellion leader) or Carwen Berona (after his brief late patch appearance in the first game). Not something that I'm 100% sure I'll add, but I'd love to if I could find time for it later.

Battle Costumes
I wrote about this on Tumblr about a week or two ago, but not on here. After the player reaches a certain point, they'll be able to change the appearance of the party. Every playable character will have four different outfits that can be switched between. As the name implies, they'll only be for battles and not dialogue sequences and such since, after all, that would be a hell of a lot of work with the sprite poses and such. Considering the fact that there will be eleven playable characters with four costumes each, I'd have approach dialogue heavy events with the mindset that I'd have to work on fifty five different possibilities for the event to visually play out. No thanks! Anyway, battle costumes will be free and automatically obtained at a certain point in the story. Here are two examples of what characters will get as costumes. Zephyr, with his dragoon heritage, will naturally have a dragoon armor costume. Jasmine's secondary costume (the only one I've actually made so far) is pretty much an homage to her appearance in the first game.

YOU HEARD ME, GO AWAY! SCRAM, VULTURES! Nah, just kidding. Kind of. There won't be any further demos. I'm going to opt to throw out "builds" instead. These will not have set endings, as they will more or less be the game itself up to whatever I've completed. I'm thinking of uploading one of these perhaps every two to three months. I figure that if I shot for monthly builds, there wouldn't really be enough new content since I feel like I can only make about two hours of gameplay content or so per month and I'd like to throw out more than that at once. Anyway, this will something like early access games on Steam and is more or less where I got the idea from. I totally encourage the people who enjoy this game and like what I'm doing to download these builds when I get them started and offer as much input as you want to help me shape this into a game that, hopefully, most people out there can enjoy! I feel like it's a lot easier to make long term adjustments from testing reports and such over demos (the amount of issues I've squished thanks to my testers is immense).

I'll probably start these builds around August 1 of this year and try to maintain them up until the game is finished. Not only will this make it a lot easier for me to add polish to the game over time from feedback you guys would provide (and you guys are tremendously great at that), it would also let willing players follow the story in a sort of bimonthly episodic format. To anyone who would rather wait until the game's done, that's cool too, but I hope to have fun with anyone who will keep up with the story and such in the builds I put up on here! The first build will focus on the rest of Ivalice, taking players through Alexandria, Auslen, Mysidia, the Village of Zen and more. New minigames will be the Arena (now a part of Mysidia!) and...

Mysidian Trivia Game
This isn't a major thing, but I wanted to mention it anyway. The newest minigame is a trivia game. Nestled in the Mysidian Quarter of Alexandria, players can play this for a mere one gold. Why so cheap? Because it's possible to earn 1000 gold in a matter of minutes... or lose that much! For each question answered, 25 gold is added to the player's potential winnings. After correctly answering a question, the player can choose to continue or stop and walk out with their winnings. If the player answers a queston wrong, not only will they not receive their winnings... but their winnings will be taken from the gold they're carrying! It's a high risk game, but players who grow to know the setting decently well will be able to make some gold here. There's still a curveball, however. Double death questions appear at random where the Trivia King is thinking of two monsters. He gives you four choices, and you have to choose one of the two. If you successfully guess one of his monsters, you'll receive the standard 25 gold for answering correctly along with a 100 gold bonus.

Note: "Johnny C. Bad" from FF6 has been replaced by an original composition by Brandon Griggs since this video was recorded.

Rock You Like A Hurricane
I feel like the story for the first game suffered tremendously as a result of off and on development spanning freaking ten years. Things are different with the sequel, as I'm still saying I plan to finish the game next year sometime. The story won't be drawn out over years upon years, and I feel like I have some genuinely fun and wild surprises in store for the party and the world at large. I've drawn inspiration from some of my favourite games, movies, shows and stories to come up with some pretty significant twists and turns that will occur over the course of the game. The building blocks for some twists are already there in the game right now, and it makes me giddy that nobody sees them yet because I feel like a few of the twists will be genuinely DEPRESSING. The story itself will start to take shape in the next build I throw out to you guys, and it will become clear that, in traditional fashion for a Final Fantasy-esque story, there's always more going on than meets the eye.

I'm also always totally open to any help that anyone would like to toss my way! I'm always willing to take on more testers since we all have different schedules and I can't always expect the same people to be able to test every time I have something new I want ironed out, and I'm always willing to accept actual help with the game itself. Whether it's graphical assistance, any kind of scripting, or even if you just want to be an idea man.

I'll end this excessively long blog post with another YouTube video. This is Alexandria, the city I'm working on now. As you'll notice, it's similar to Lindblum City with each area of the city being its own map. This is not the complete city, with a few areas not being mapped when I made this video. The areas included in this video have also received a few visual changes so it's already a little outdated but still relevant. Alexandria's fun place and it has some genuinely handy things in it for the player to find (unique items, trivia game, optional dungeon, new cards).

One last thing, here's what I currently have in store for the next upload in a few months:

The First Build (August 2014)
Several new towns (Alexandria, Auslen, Cornelia, Mystic Mysidia, Village of Zen)
Several new locations (Adamantium Caves, Alexandria Sewers, Citadel Ruins, West Ivalician Pass)
More story developments
Two more characters (Sapphire and Trigger)
Two more minigames (Arena and Trivia)
Battle costumes


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Will the arena in the next build have all the battles and rewards that will be in it or just some of the battles also will there be new cards?
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
The arena will be in, but it won't have all of the battles simply because I would need to balance later fights in the arena to match the difficulty of future areas of the game.

There will always be new cards, too. At least every second town should have new cards. In the next build, there will be at least two locations with new cards. One of them is already done, Alexandria. The next should be either Mystic Mysidia or Village of Zen.
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