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Big thanks!

  • UPRC
  • 01/18/2016 09:46 PM
Thanks to everyone who voted for Blackmoon Prophecy II in the Misaos! The game was voted most promising demo of 2015, which makes me feel pretty darn happy!

Misaos don't mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but earning one is a definite motivator because it tells me that YOU guys like what's going on with this little project. Looking forward to finishing the game in the first half of this year (it's happening), and hopefully it'll be good enough to snag a 2016 Misao next winter as well.

Thanks, guys!


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No problem, dude! You deserve it.

So there will be a 2016 release then? If so, I'd love to join in as a beta tester for the full game if it's possible. I'm pretty good at finding them bugs, if I may say so myself.
Absolutely well deserved! Huge grats, and I'm looking forward to the full game. =)

As always, I'm here to help with anything you need!
I'm so very happy with that award UPRC! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!
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