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Blackmoon Prophecy II: "The Crystal War" Story Expansion

  • UPRC
  • 10/19/2019 07:32 PM
Blackmoon Prophecy II is getting, for lack of a better word, an "expansion".

Because of recent interest in the game over Discord and in LPs, my interest in providing updates to the game has been rekindled and I have decided that the Crystal War, an event that occurred one year prior to the start of the first Blackmoon Prophecy game, will be explored in Blackmoon Prophecy II as an optional story arc that will, hopefully, be a few hours in length. A few years back I tossed around the idea of making a short standalone prequel game based around the Crystal War, but I recently decided that it would be cool to allow the heroes of Blackmoon Prophecy II to relive it instead.

The update for this content will be called Blackmoon Prophecy II: The Crystal War. Updates on HOW to access to the content will be provided when I've made some sufficient progress. Suffice to say, it will not be available until late in the game after the party has messed with the timeline a bit. Without going into detail, the result of their exploits will allow them to travel to another timeline in Gaia's past and explore the Crystal War as it unfolded.

Vera will be required to lead the party for the duration of the Crystal War update since she was a major figure in the war. If you're interested in this future update, then get to leveling her up if you haven't! Level 60 will probably be the recommended minimum level for this content.

A few new summons, that will lend themselves specifically to Vera, may also appear. I've added a link to a Strawpoll below for you guys to vote on who you would like to see appear as a summon.

Expect updates in the coming weeks. Though I can't say WHEN I plan for this update to be finished, I'll say that I would LIKE for it to be ready in December of this year to mark the game's two year anniversary since being released.

New summons poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/18815727

Expect more updates in the coming weeks!


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Damn... I've been delaying starting a fresh playthrough for ages now and now there's an expansion in the works? I might be able to play the finished product when I'm a millenium old grumpy old man. LOL
BTW, that "The Crystal War" expansion is what was supposed be "(Final Fantasy) Blackmoon Origins"? ;)
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
BTW, that "The Crystal War" expansion is what was supposed be "(Final Fantasy) Blackmoon Origins"? ;)

Sure is! I feel like incorporating it into Blackmoon Prophecy II would be easier than making it an entirely new project. Since Blackmoon Prophecy II explores so many things from the first game when you're in the latter half of the game, I figured adding the Crystal War as an optional, and repayable, scenario of sorts to this game made a lot of sense.
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