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Q&A & Help

Warning: Here be spoilers for hints that involve the main story and late game sidequests.

Balance/Difficulty Questions
Why do some bosses start hitting for insane amounts of damage all of a sudden?
This is the boss saying, "I'm getting desperate and am almost dead, so kill me fast!" When you start getting nailed hard late in a boss fight for damage capable of KOing a character in one hit, don't focus on mass heals unless the boss targets everyone. Just focus on doing as much damage as humanly possible, because the boss is going to go down in a mere few attacks at this point.

The fights are getting too hard! What happened?
You're avoiding too many battles. I've witnessed this firsthand in LPs. If you're suddenly getting blasted for 70% or more of your max HP against random encounters, then you're avoiding battles too much. Stop riding Winter everywhere and use the Moogle Charm less. Overusing both of this will only make the game harder in the long run. Also take advantage of the belt relics that increase your maximum HP. Boss fights are more strategic and rely a little more on elemental resistances more than the first game, so make sure you have the proper items in your inventory to resist various elements.

General Questions
How far into the game am I?
Warning: Here be spoilers.
The following is an order of all mandatory story locations. Optional locations are not listed.

1. Neirbrook
2. Eldritch Cave
3. Dawnmarch
4. Gran Cross
5. Lindblum City
6. Lycosidae Grotto
7. Crescent Village
8. Koltz Forest
9. Lindblum City
10. The Tidechaser
11. Costa del Vita
12. Sand King Tomb
13. Lindblum City
14. Mage Tower
15. Augurer Colosseum
16. Kaipo
17. Kaipo Caves
18. Echo Temple
19. Lindblum City
20. Old Armory
21. Lindblum City
22. Altair
23. Altair Tunnels
24. Great Lindblum Reef
25. Lindblum City
26. The Tidechaser
27. Cornelia
28. Alexandria
29. West Ivalician Pass
30. Auslen
31. Mystic Mysidia
32. Auslen
33. Mystic Mysidia
34. Village of Zen
35. Adamantium Mines
36. Alexandria
37. Albrook
38. Citadel Ruins
39. Lindblum City
40. The Tidechaser
41. Vilaheim
42. Lenadia Castle
43. Lenadian Passage
44. Palumpu Port
45. Barrington
46. Mount Zahg
47. Kohlingen
48. Mistwalker Caves
49. Faluhd Castle
50. Faluhd Checkpoint
51. Hillsdale
52. Mohadmal Junction
53. Mount Houzell
54. Mohadmal Junction
55. Aether Cave
56. Hillsdale
57. Lindblum Castle
58. Dragon's Navel
59. Bastion of Balance
60. Datacore Bunker
61. Village of Zen
62. Forest of Zen
63. Ethereal World
64. Lindblum City
65. The Tidechaser
66. Berona Barrier Reef
67. Castora
68. Darnecles Depths
69. Darnecles Castle
70. Ezra's Tomb
71. Darnecles Castle
72. Castora
73. Carwen Cave
74. Berona City
75. Berona Power Laboratory
76. Castora
77. Garamonde
78. Branch
79. Underground Passage
80. Cathedral Waterworks
81. Cathedral of Graviton
82. Castora
83. Mount Valla
84. Mogtopia
85. Heart of Valla
86. Berona Research Institute
87. Lindblum City
88. Port Vainstrong
89. Temple of Bahamut
90. Horseman's Rest
91. Sodden Depths
92. Crystalline Grotto
93. Mysidian Archives
94. Skyreach Castle
95. Ancient Castle
96. Horseman's Rest
97. Koltz Forest
98. Miasma Cave
99. Miasma Stream
100. Pantheon of Rebirth
101. Abyss of Awakening
102. Balmag Subterane
103. Vos
104. Underworld Highway
105. Fen Stronghold
106. Gaia's Core
107. Mount Melmond
108. Branhka Caravan
109. Cave of Magic
110. Tower of Babil
111. Genesis Obelisk
112. Lunarian Passage
113. Eternia
114. Genesis Obelisk
115. Lindblum City
116. Rift Cave
117. Rift Shrine
118. Genesis Obelisk
119. Spaceship Ragnarok
120. Ragnarok Desert Habitat
121. Ragnarok Specimen Chambers
122. Ragnarok Riverland Habitat
123. Ragnarok Hydroponics Lab
124. Ragnarok Arctic Habitat
125. Engineering Deck
126. Precipice of Ruin
127. Oblivion's Approach
128. Hill of Despair

What rare Tetra Master cards can be obtained from beating hummingways?
I'll expand on this list as I collect this information again.

Alexandria - Vahn Vainstrong
Castora - Siegfried Sigmundson
Costa del Vita - Nobumasa
Horseman's Rest - Odin
Lindblum City - Bosche Gore
Mystic Mysidia - Elina Alunira
Palumpu Port - Ami Peperro

What are these Atma Fragments that I keep finding?
They're used to power up the Atma Weapon sword that you find in the Aether Cave. Take the sword and any fragments you have to Baku in Mohadmal Junction and he can assist you further.

What bosses are the best to steal from?
Warning: Here be spoilers.
Steal Fire 2 Tome from Duosoul.
Steal Valkyrie from Tarrasque.
Steal Might Guard from Vertumnus (second encounter).
Steal Blizzard Sword from Shiva.
Steal Gauntlet from Dark Nation.
Steal Megalixir from Gozmodan.
Steal Megalixir from Macabre.
Steal Seraph Wing from Alexander.
Steal Hero Ring from Tritoch.
Steal Megalixir from Markim Alunira.
Steal Megalixir from Eris Typhoon.
Steal Dualwielder Materia from Ixion (second encounter).
Steal Megalixir from Ramuh.
Steal Megalixir from Orilon (second encounter).
Steal Miracle Shard from Kukumlima.
Steal Miracle Shard from Proteus.
Steal Megalixir from Orilon (third encounter).
Steal Miracle Shard from Proteus (second encounter).
Steal Chemist Materia from Phase Bomb.
Steal Miracle Shard from The Risen.
Steal Ribbon from Belmont.
Steal Megalixir from Memoria.
Steal Zero Bell from Dark Elf.

Lindblum Kingdom Questions
A boy bumped into me in the Augurer Quarter. Does he actually rob me?
No, you do not actually lose any gold from this encounter, it's just a scripted story sequence.

What do I do in Lycosidae Grotto?
Interact with the lanterns to illuminate the tunnels. This will cause the spider webs to disappear.

What's the point of the Augurer Colosseum?
You can come here to pick up summon abilities that you've missed in your travels. Whenever you return to Lindblum, don't hesitate to check for new whistles! The whistles available for purchase changes based on how far into the game you are.

Ivalice Empire Questions
I read that the arena is in Mysidia, but I can't seem to find it?
Go back to the world map. It's the giant structure that's right behind the town.

Berona Republic Questions
How do I proceed past the colour puzzle in Ezra's Tomb?
Follow this pattern: Green, green, blue, green, blue, blue, blue, green.

Is the outcome of Reiner's scenario preventable?

Does it matter if I disable the magic wells in Mount Valla when pursuing Tritoch?
Disabling wells has two effects. First, each disabled well makes Tritoch slightly easier. Second, the total number of wells that you have deactivated determines what type of reward you will get after talking to an NPC following the Tritoch fight. Disable fewer wells for Tritoch to be harder, but your ultimate reward will be greater. Note that not disabling any wells is a suicide mission! Though Tritoch is technically beatable without touching the wells, I really wouldn't advise doing that unless you've been power-leveling constantly throughout the game.

Five Wardens Part of Game Questions
Help! I got the airship and I never know where to go next!
Talk to the soldier (later replaced by Montblanc) by the staircase inside of your airship. He will tell you exactly what your next move is.

Where did Loxley and Twill go?
Go to the elder in Castora to initiate a small side quest that leads to you being reunited with these two.

How do I defeat Hugin and Munin in Horseman's Rest?
You do exactly as you're told, show them the power of Bahamut.

What is the solution to the gravestone puzzle in Skyreach Castle?
Interact with the graves in this order:

End-Game Sidequest Questions
What do I do with the oracle named Jandrah in Rivera? What is she for?
She resurrects Carina for you. Bring her the Hope Amulet (investigate behind Ezra's tomb), an angel wing, dark matter, and a holy candle. Angel Wing is given to you by an NPC in Alexandria's Mysidian Quarter. Dark Matter is dropped from a boss battle in the Berona Mudflats. Holy Candle drops from Rubywing (monster in a box in Crystalline Grotto). After bringing these to her, she will try to bring Carina's spirit back to world. Shinryu will also try to escape, and you must defeat him. After winning the battle, Carina reappears and rejoins the party as a dark mage.

What do I do with Caraway?
Caraway is an eccentric man who will trade with you. Bring him the item he is looking for and he will give you something in exchange for it. Here is what Caraway wants and what he will reward you with in chronological order:

1. Trade Varanodon Fang for Megalixir.
2. Trade Star Dust for Miracle Shard.
3. Trade Gold Ore for X-Remedy.
4. Trade Redwood for Demi Tome.
5. Trade Rainbow Shard for Virus Rod.

How do I recruit Jossley?
Jossley is missable since events late in the game make her impossible to get, so venture to Lenadia Castle after she is detained and make sure you've got a pamphlet for Bacchus Garrison on hand. Talk to her and she'll express remorse and then asked to be left alone. Talk to her again and you'll be able to release her into Augurer custody.

Jossley will then appear in Bacchus Garrison where she won't have much to do until you acquire the airship. At that point, she'll ask to be taken aboard. By the time you have to venture to the Underworld, Jossley will start receiving items from her contacts in Lenadia. After she gives you items on two different occasions, talk to her again after progressing the plot a bit more and she will want to help you further by joining the party. Accept her offer and she joins.

How do I recruit Kappa?
Find him in the Necropolis optional dungeon, accessible from the Underworld Highway.

What are the required steps to complete Kappa's side quest?
1. Put Kappa in the lead and investigate a bookshelf in the southwestern corner of the Mysidian Archive to find a book called Theory of Rebirth.
2. Bring Beronian Wine and a Miracle Shard to Kappa. Purchase Beronian Wine from Swinder's Rest off of the Branch Canals in Berona City. Miracle shards can be obtained throughout the game, but can be obtained indefinitely by stealing them from the Eurypterid monster in the final dungeon.
3. After speaking with Owain in Mohadmal Junction, find the Mohadmal Tomb in the Mohadmal Desert. Walk directly north of the chocobo tracks in the center of the desert to find the hidden entrance.

Where do I find the missing guard from Palumpu Station?
Galvus can be found in the Northdale Inn later in the game. Talk to him and he'll just blatantly give you the key for Swordsman's Rest.

Where is Gau?
Diamond Isle Cave, which opens up late in the game. Bring him some lamb chops from Hillsdale and he'll tag along.

What happened to Commodore Viceley after The Tidechaser sank?
Venture to Castora and find Viceley hanging out at the docks. He'll bring you up to speed on where he's been all this time.


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Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Hey, a help page! Feel free to contribute questions here and I'll make sure they're answered on the page.
Shall I link my (still unfinished) guides here again?
All Guides for Blackmoon Prophecy

When I play the 3rd part, I will add that to this folder.

If you fear viruses or similar problems I might convert them to pdf.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Shall I link my (still unfinished) guides here again?
All Guides for Blackmoon Prophecy

When I play the 3rd part, I will add that to this folder.

If you fear viruses or similar problems I might convert them to pdf.

By all means! I've skimmed through it before and found it to be a great resource. I also have a link for it posted in the game page description.
You can't have enough links for this - they are frequently asked for.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Hahaha, they really are. I'm hoping that this page will help. I know that my help page for the first game was useful for some people.
Is there any signifance to the track marks that can be found on the world map? Does it mean theres an enemy that will drop a Augerer summon in the area?

Or is there a way to tell in general what monsters can drop one?
Is there any signifance to the track marks that can be found on the world map? Does it mean theres an enemy that will drop a Augerer summon in the area?

Or is there a way to tell in general what monsters can drop one?

Even when my guide is not up to date, I always wrote the monsters for the with their drops. Also what summons your can buy when.

With track marks you mean Chocobo tracks?
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Is there any signifance to the track marks that can be found on the world map? Does it mean theres an enemy that will drop a Augerer summon in the area?

Or is there a way to tell in general what monsters can drop one?

The chocobo tracks on the world map are for the chocography mini-game. You'll be able to learn about it when you reach the town of Hillsdale.

As for which enemies drop summons?
  • Anguiform
  • Baldanders
  • Buel
  • Cactrot
  • Chimera
  • Chubby Chocobo
  • Cockatrice
  • Coeurl
  • Dragon
  • Hobgoblin
  • Hoover
  • Kestrel
  • Lobo
  • Lycosidae
  • Parasoul
  • Ochu
  • Malboro
  • Vaporite
  • Veteran
  • Whisper
  • Zaghnol
  • Zuu
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Southeastern Lindblum. There is a labeled map in the game's Documentation & Help folder that can give you the exact location.
Thank you for the answer.
I looked at the map and tried to get there from Lindblum, but don't know how. There are mountains everywhere. I have got a letter for the Altair's elder, to use the Altair tunnel. But how to get to Altair?
You're supposed to travel further south of Kaipo Cave. There will be a town south of a mountain range there.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
You're supposed to travel further south of Kaipo Cave. There will be a town south of a mountain range there.

^ That. Make sure you're teleporting to the Mage Tower to travel there as well, obviously.
Thank you for the answers, all three of them being very helpful. I forgot about the teleporter, but finally found the town.
How can I proceed in Balmag Subterrance? There is a barrier at the entrance, a crystal and 4 lamps.
Thank you, found the solution. Vera has to be the leader of the party.
How do you get Kappa? I just made it to the area and killed the boss does this kappa person not show up till later in the plot? Because i have looked everywhere.
As a side note you know them one enemies that takeover a persons body? is there a way to stop them? best way i found was giving running shoes to gramps and increasing his speed right now he has like 400 speed fastest mage in the west :)but sadly even then they 50% of the time take over someones body. So is there maybe a item i missed that stops them?
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Kappa will appear after a certain point in the game.

As for the enemies that possess party members, stack speed and kill them immediately. They're actually very weak.
I can't find the angel wing in alexandria. was it moved elsewhere or was it missable ? thanks!
I just arrived necropolis and i'm getting ass kicked hard by enemies there and in Fen stronghold, my level is around 43. Any tip to someplace to grind ?
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Angel Wing is only accessible after a certain point in the game. If you look for it too soon, you won't find it.

As for your levels, 43 should be fine. Make sure that you have someone devoted to healing if you're having problems, and maybe boost speed as much as you can. Exploiting enemy weaknesses is also an easy eay to cheese a lot of random encounters.
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