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Holy custom content, Batman! Portraits by Avee. So far, he has completed Zephyr, Hautley, Jasmine, Carina, Edric.
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  • Added: 05/23/2014 10:31 PM
  • Last updated: 05/26/2022 05:14 AM


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You're magical to me.
Wow. Looking good! :D
Jassy’s facial expression is like, “Like I give a shit.”

This is awesome. Hautley's portrait also looks pretty slick, too.
Jasmine's my favorite <3
What are you using to create the faces? Just a pixel-by-pixel editing program like paint?
I use iDraw (an old version specifically made for RM2k3's resources).
Yep, each pixel is drawn using a pen tool.
Sorry to be a party pooper here, don't kill me.

1) Jasmine looks like she has a receding hairline. Odd look for a girl.
2) Zephyr's eyes look distorted.
3) Hautley's good! Skin tone is a little undead-ish but hey, he's old. =P
3) Carina's bang has very weird shaping, like it's filled with air or water or something.

Those things aside, great work, always cool to see people adding more original stuff to games and helping out another creator. Keep up the good work, you guys.
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