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Going to be adding some ice debris tiles but, for now, Sapphire's scenario in the Berona Republic starts off a little chilly!
  • UPRC
  • Added: 01/17/2016 02:02 PM
  • Last updated: 05/26/2022 04:22 AM


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This looks ice. Pretty cool tiles as well.
Hmm, it looks a little flat at the moment. Perhaps it's just where you took the screenshot, but there's nothing to really catch the player's interest or direct them around the map, it seems - maybe try adding some more elevation, or rocks, or larger blocks of snow and ice?

The water could also stand to look a little colder (colour wise), but that's just my personal take on it.
This looks ice. Pretty cool tiles as well.
Did you just... pun??? Please, teach me, Master. OTL
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