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Perfect for SNES JRPG fans

  • Duder
  • 03/21/2019 02:33 AM
If the review title didn't make it obvious, this game is very much designed to play like an SNES JRPG! Though I suppose the title of the game should also make that clear, it having FINAL FANTASY in it and all. If 90's JRPGs aren't your thing, then you can likely just move on now. If FF6 ranks in your list of favorite games of all time (as it does for me), then continue reading!

This game is a lot of fun! It captured the feeling of playing a game like FF6 really well, and after following along on the games progress, I was extremely stoked when it released. The characters are all varied and interesting/amusing, and similarly to FF6 there is only a semi main character (Terra/Celes VS Zephyr) so all the characters get chances to shine. Unlike FF6, this game has more unexpected story twists, which help to create some fun "no way" type moments.

BPII does a good job of having the different characters feel more unique in their battle usage, with specific skill sets and stats that differentiate them. You can still customize stats and some available magic on the different characters through a Materia-like system, so it's a nice balance of unique characters while granting slight control to the player to how they want to build their team, unlike say FF7 where everyone ended up feeling the same except for limit breaks.

Oh and speaking of limit breaks, those are back! Each character has 4 limit breaks, the higher ones being earned as you level. They are all varied, from damage to healing to stat boosts, and help to further differentiate the characters battle uses.

This game has a good difficulty for someone who cares more for story than battles. I am not the kind of person who is interested in extreme difficulties, which is why I still find myself occasionally returning to games like Chrono Trigger. BPII captures that level of SNES RPG difficulty pretty well; there are some hard fights, but typically nothing annoyingly difficult. If you are someone who wants extremely tedious fights where you have to grind a lot before hand, or you want fights where you need to plan and equip the perfect set of skills, then this will likely feel too easy.

I highly recommend this for anyone trying to scratch that SNES RPG itch and doesn't feel like playing *insert SNES RPG here* for the umpteenth time. As BPI was more of an FF4 homage, this is very much an FF6 one. UPRC has definitely upped the quality with this sequel, using more custom sprites as well as awesome custom music. The game length is also what I consider a good length for an RPG (40ish hours), but obviously that's subjective and I can appreciate the desire to sometimes play something you can finish off quickly (being older can equal less time for gaming).

So to briefly summarize, you will like this game if:
- You played BPI and liked it
- You enjoy RPGs such as FF6 or Chrono Trigger
- You care more for story than difficulty
- You enjoy a varied cast of characters with no defined main character
- You like characters to fill specific roles in battle

You will likely not enjoy this game if:
- You want Dark Souls difficulty in your battles
- You played BPI and disliked it/thought it was just OK
- You don't have the time/desire to play longer games
- You prefer a game with a defined central character

Thank you for a great experience UPRC! I hope this review convinces others to dive into an awesome experience!


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Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it! I've been struggling to get through an RPG Maker funk lately where I haven't had the motivation to do much of anything, but getting awesome words like this from people really picks me up. I'm genuinely happy that you enjoyed the game so much!
I agree with the review, I enjoy the "standard" SNES FF difficulty where I don't need to grind or use funny tricks to beat the game and the story was really enjoyable.
And that twist in the end...
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I agree with the review, I enjoy the "standard" SNES FF difficulty where I don't need to grind or use funny tricks to beat the game and the story was really enjoyable.
And that twist in the end...

Glad that you enjoyed it!
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