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The world of Earth and the unknown planet called Gaia once merged to become a single planet. Things became chaotic and took years for the inhabitants of both worlds to accept such a grand change, it took time, but the people began to accept the new world, however things began to worsen the combined world was soon rotting and should the process continue, the world soon cease to exist, but thanks to the efforts of a select group of people, the worlds successfully split back into Earth and Gaia, but at a great price was to be held.

The fate of Gaia was unknown but the Earth was torn apart and all was left in ruins... many years later, the world is still in shambles, people live out their days in despair, new governments have been formed and wars have broken out all over the damaged land, new diseases have emerged and strange creatures have been wandering the landscape. But all hope it not lost.

You play as a young man who is awakened from a long slumber and have no recollection of who you are and what your name is, however the locals who have found you refer to you as a lost hero, determined to figure out your identity and learning of the current state of this new ruined world, you will explore the continent and experience the harshness of the world of Lost Land Ruin.

The game is now being completely re-done in RPG Maker VX Ace, with an extended storyline, gameplay mechanics and multiple paths.

Note: Certain features will be available immediately in the game, the full release the availability of certain features will change.

New Features:
-Completely revamped battle system in compared to the original.
-New characters
-Crafting System
-Alternate paths depending on the choices you make.
-Upgradable skills
-Better customization

Victor Animatied Battle Engine - Victor Sant
Khas Smooth Sliding and Light Effects - Khas
Crafting System - Coelocanth

Latest Blog

LLR VX Blog #22 500+ Downloads + Update

First off, let's have some funky tunes to listen to while updating.

Some of the music shown on this video was used in Lost Land Ruin VX. I absolutely love their music. It's freeware music, give em' a listen to. :D

Anyway, woo! 500+ Download milestone for this game. Joy cookies and wotnot. So, I figured I'd release a update to the game that fixes a couple of things.

-Fixed a tiny glitch at the Ancient Library during the True Ending path where you wouldn't encounter any enemies after finishing the boss.
-Finally replaced one theme that was on the last version that was still commercial, I forgot to change that theme, now it has been changed.
-A few sound errors here and there.
-A few grammatical mistakes reworded as well.

Not a whole lot fixed mind you, but hey. Every small bit counts. Thanks for playin' everyone, though I do have some slight interesting news about the sequel.

The game is slowly in development. With having to juggle this and P6. My hands are tied with this one. Priorities n' all that. But I do try to get to this game when I can. Not a whole lot made. But I can at least show you the new designs of some characters.




There's more I made, but I'll just leave it at that for now. Maybe I should hire an professional artist to do the artwork for LLR2 like I have for P6. Just many possibilities.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the slight update.
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  • 11/10/2013 11:29 PM
  • 01/20/2019 11:10 AM
  • 06/02/2015
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Well, at least it's not a fantasy game, but... OH BOY AMNESIA.
Oh I remember this game back in 2k3!
Just played through the sewers. Somebody that's played through the original 2K3 version, I'm happy to see this here on VX Ace, and in some regards I think the switch over has paid off. Everything looks so much more crisp now, and with the use of scripts, you can still implement a lot of features.

Some things that bugged me though:

1. There is a need to proofread your dialogue. A lot of it is punctuation. Instead of periods and new sentences, a lot of sentences are combined with commas.

2. I see to be able to run faster than the screen can scroll. This amounts to me having to constantly stop and let the screen catch up.

3. Considering that the "savior" has no immediate skills, the fact that he can miss so many times in a row is very annoying. He once missed three times in a row with rats. His hit rate really needs to be increased, at least until he gets some sort of skills or upgraded equipment.
Well, his passive ability which is called Groggy his accuracy is decreased by 10% for 3 turns then it turns to normal, it gets changed once he has some protection. (lol) I guess I'll change it to 5% instead.

As for the screen thing, you won't have to worry about moving out of the screen. I have never had a experience where I moved so fast the screen couldn't see the sprite characters.

And, yup, definitely gotta check back on that one for sure, I'll look back at the dialogue. Thanks much for your input. ^^

But, the good thing that came from the input, there isn't game breaking bugs or walking through tile issues I've heard... yet. Yay. ^_^
Got it. I noticed his "groggy" passive skill, but my brain didn't register it. Pretty smart, using a passive skill to create a sort of handicap. 5% might work better, or even 7%.

As for bugs, none so far. I think the original had a few, but the biggest one had to do with the variables or switches with talking to your comrades late in the game when you returned to one of the first towns. I remember being frustrated with that part, but at least it was easy enough to fix since the 2K3 version was never encrypted.

For this, you'll just probably need a couple of really good beta testers, and hopefully the bugs will be minimal.

One thing I forgot to mention, when Nei suggests she hears something and then spots the helecopters, adding a sort of buzzing BGS (if one can be found) would work well here.

Also to Clyve, I don't want to spoil anything, but the whole amnesia thing works with this game. As the description states, it's more than being hit on the head and losing your memory. He's been asleep for a long time and the world has moved on. Give it a go for about 15 minutes, and I think you'll begin to understand. At that point you'd know if it's something you want to play or not.

Either way, if this game can be remade in Ace, and January Blue can be coded in Ace, then it's a good sign of the kind of games we will hopefully see in the future.
hi J-man i come here to report a bad bug XD

don't know what to do here i know is boss fights but it freeze there -_-
hi J-man i come here to report a bad bug XD

don't know what to do here i know is boss fights but it freeze there -_-

Must have been a tiny bug here, there is a walk spot near the stairs leading to that room that should activate the events. Sorry about that, it has been long since fixed, I'm just in the midst of going through the testing phases to release a new and longer demo. Thanks for your patience.
i get out form the bug trap thanks for your help

theirs is side quest form the soldier in Refuge #3 ask me to take out the blue bands in forgotten streets i try to look for in map and in the city but i don't find it
it did say west but where >.>
pls anyone, give a hint about input password in the prison cell with Nei Inside
pls anyone, give a hint about input password in the prison cell with Nei Inside

Go to the vents on the west block and look down one of the holes (I believe it to be the right side, and invesitage.) There'll be soldiers gossiping, take what they said and head to the other vents and peek in the same one where you saw the soldier mentioning wanting to take a dump, you'll see someone else this time, and the rest should be explanatory.
J-man, thanks for help. You're game is awesome ;)
I went on that place "you saw the soldier mentioning wanting to take a dump"
but only guard was talking about girl in the cell, I saw guard he mention something about seeing pass on laptop, but cannot find this area. Pls help
The room with the laptop is a little tricky to find. But it's in the west block, once again you have to crawl in the vents, but just keep going up then go east and north and you'll find the spot.
Finished the demo, game was great till the end. Can't wait when it complete.
It's not complete? I thought it was.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
nah Dyhalto, he's too busy playing with the games he received for Christmas.

He has no feelings about the rest of us who got no presents :(
Oh, don't get me wrong. It's near finished. Near near NEAR finished. Just have a little more patience. ^^
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Guess my patience finally paid off :)
See ya on the download.

WOW, now you have time to update all your Phantasia games from RMK3 to ACE.....:)
Is it the new download in download section?The date is 2014.This gonna be really fun to try out. EDIT :Forget,my mistake.I get it.
I am enjoying the game but have run into a problem. I've been sent to the Lost Desert to lure the giant robot but I can't get through the desert. I entered and when I try to go through Nei keeps saying we may as well keep pushing forward and does a U-turn. What am I doing wrong here?
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