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LLR VX Blog #22 500+ Downloads + Update

  • J-Man
  • 04/04/2016 08:44 PM
First off, let's have some funky tunes to listen to while updating.

Some of the music shown on this video was used in Lost Land Ruin VX. I absolutely love their music. It's freeware music, give em' a listen to. :D

Anyway, woo! 500+ Download milestone for this game. Joy cookies and wotnot. So, I figured I'd release a update to the game that fixes a couple of things.

-Fixed a tiny glitch at the Ancient Library during the True Ending path where you wouldn't encounter any enemies after finishing the boss.
-Finally replaced one theme that was on the last version that was still commercial, I forgot to change that theme, now it has been changed.
-A few sound errors here and there.
-A few grammatical mistakes reworded as well.

Not a whole lot fixed mind you, but hey. Every small bit counts. Thanks for playin' everyone, though I do have some slight interesting news about the sequel.

The game is slowly in development. With having to juggle this and P6. My hands are tied with this one. Priorities n' all that. But I do try to get to this game when I can. Not a whole lot made. But I can at least show you the new designs of some characters.




There's more I made, but I'll just leave it at that for now. Maybe I should hire an professional artist to do the artwork for LLR2 like I have for P6. Just many possibilities.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the slight update.