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1. Doll maker :
Doll maker is a name given to people whom has an ability to create dolls and immersed them with magic. Eventually, being a doll maker is a curse. It is believed god had punished a man and his whole generation to create dolls and gives them to children, once in every year because the man had burnt down a doll's shrine belong to the god. In the end, they become emotionless like a doll and had been forbid from falling in love until the curse end. They also didn't deserve names so people will refer all of them as the ''doll maker''.

2. Miku :
She was a former maid doll and an assistant of the doll maker. She had served the Doll maker family for decades. Her possessed form is in eerie black mass shape with sharp claws and high pitch screeching sounds.

Abilities : Can appear at anywhere and anytime without a warning. she is barely chasing you but performs threats in various ways, like trapping you with the enemies inside a room or provoke other dolls to attack you.
Weaknesses : N/A

3. Ichirou :
A butler doll which born during the spring. Unlike Miku whom had been created in winter which makes her stern and cold, Ichirou is the opposite. He is a gentleman and somehow, took a likeness to roses. He didn't oppose Mamoru but his action is still unpredictable.
Ability : Stands equal to Miku, but in addition, he could let player to see the past.

4. Perfect Puppet :
A perfect, finest woodcraft product made by the doll maker with no flaws. It became alive when Miku had amputated other puppets in the room where it lives, which making him angry. Perfect puppet can't stand anything with flaws, including you.
Weaknesses : Destroying the imperfect puppets from his sight will calm him down.

5. Puppets :
The minions of the perfect puppets. Some of them could chase you faster than others. Certain puppets can become invisible for seconds and reappear back while chasing you.
Weaknesses : Giving up easily after chasing you for a short time.

6. Little sister dolls :
There are 4 of them and they are the most treasured dolls among the others. The doll maker can't bear giving them to the children but later, he changed his mind and gave the one with the black hair to a child name Kana. This had caused an intense anger and jealousy of the rest, causing them to bully the one with the black hair.

Abilities : They loves to play hide and seek with you. If you hear giggles sound coming from a closet or cabinet, then you have to be careful. They are hiding and waiting for a perfect time to ambush you. Sometimes, you will find them lying on the floor, pretend to be dead.
Weaknesses : High pitch sound like piano or bell will make them vanish.

7. Broken doll :
Broken dolls will return to this mansion by themselves so the doll maker could fix them. But this broken doll appear at wrong time and get possessed. Miku told her that she could meet the doll maker after she killed you. Broken doll appears either in doll's head form or hand part.

Abilities : will chase and attack you with high speed whenever you are walking outside the mansion. She also had strength to break down the wall.
Weaknesses : Close the curtain before she break down the wall and enter the room.

8. Red @ Redpunzel :
She hates light but a guessing game in pitch black is her favorite. It is a game where you will stand in front of a statue and the room will turn to pitch black. The doll will ask you to guess where she is & You will be freed when you gives a right answers. She doesn't have eyes because they are separated parts but you will notice her freaky eye will appear on the door for seconds before vanishing.
Weaknesses : Will disappear when you defeat her in her guessing game or when you turn on the light.

8. Killer Hood :
Miku's creation. After awhile, Miku start to pick a snow jacket, some pickaxes and other stuff to create this twisted doll and bring it to alive with Ichirou's help.
Weaknesses : will stop moving when the music is turned off.

9. Dora :
As a family doll type, Dora had been created with a 'parent' doll. But a child whom owned Dora had burn the parent doll, causing Dora to act out of control and wreck a havoc, forcing the doll maker to lock her in a cage for others safety and kept the room dark since Dora will become mad whenever she saw light or fire.
Weaknesses : Dora will calm down if the room is dark and free from any light and fire.

10. Ted :
Unlike other teddy bears which is friendly to human, Ted is a teddy bear with a nature of a real bear. In other words, he is not friendly. He is also a savage doll whom had destroyed most dolls around him, a main reason why you see less dolls in level 3 and the remaining dolls most likely to hide in rooms.
Weaknesses : Small, red flaming teddies are the main source of his power and strength.