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1. Mamoru

The main protagonist whom born with a heart problem. Due to his health condition, Mamoru unable to enjoy a normal life as a boy.

Abilities : Although Mamoru has a weak body and heart, he is good at cooking, baking, sewing and taking care the household chores. Mamoru also a calm person and could think fast when facing a crisis.

Weaknesses : Lack some skills in fighting, piano and sports. He is also quite sensitive towards others thoughts about himself and being secretive about his health condition.

2. Ami

A close, and the only friend of Mamoru since they were kids. Ami went missing after Mamoru wakes up from his coma.

Abilities : Ami have a personality that is close to a boy. She had been feared by others guys due to her strength and great fighting skill. Mamoru thinks she is ''cool and strong'' and adores her strength very much.

Weaknesses : Ami couldn't beat Mamoru when it comes to cooking, baking or any other girl skills.

3. Black haired Ningyo(u)

A living doll in a shape of a small girl with long black hair which Mamoru came across in his journey. She is one of the sister dolls but unlike her 'sisters', this doll didn't pose any threat to Mamoru.

She is barely talking and appear to be emotionless most of the time. For some reason, the three sisters dolls didn't like her and try to bully her whenever they saw her.

4. Kana

Kana was the third year senior of Mamoru and Ami. She was an excellent student and a school's pride. However, Kana had fall ill and one day, she went missing from her deathbead. She has never been found anymore and believed to be a victim of abduction.