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Ningyo Heart - Spanish version.

Ningyo Heart is now available in Spanish version! To download it, Please click the following link of the website.


Credits goes to Shirouda for all the hard work & excellent translation she's done!

Thanks Shirouda for sharing it with us! XD


IMPORTANT NOTE (Notifications on 2 reported issues of the game)

Please pay attention before starting the game. Recently we got 2 main reports on minor issue on the 2nd level of the game (1st level and the 3rd are fine). We held responsibility to this

1. First by fertfreak and rockdaddy69 stating an event/cutscene start at wrong time in the club room. The cause of this problem is the curtain on the second level, upstair (see image). Please avoid interact with this object. All thanks goes for the member known as TheBurnerGuy.

2. Second is by LissiLicht. Apparently in Dollmaker's room, there is a hidden path below the demon statue that will allow you to open the door, means you will skip the switch puzzle on the wall.

Don't use this shortcutSolve the puzzle first and make sure the demon statue disappear. solving this puzzle is crucial since certain enemies will be vanished and the game will run smoothly.

I would like to say thanks for these 3 members for reporting this. second, we really sorry for them or others whom might encountered this problems. Bad news is we could never upload newest version since we had lost the game data file.

That's the only 2 reported issues in the level 2. Thank you for your co-operation.
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