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Short Intro & Info:
Ten years after her parents' death..Aimi a 15 year old girl wakes up like any other day but after she gets out of her room, strange things start to happen. Locked doors, lights flickering, blood, etc. Aimi will see, remember and experience terrible things but does she really see them? Can anyone else see them too?

There are jumpscares in this game but there aren't such jumpscares as scary pictures. This game is not that scary just DON'T let little kids or any person with problems play this.

The main theme of this game is friendship, romance and horror. This version of the game has 3 endings . The player is going to figure out which are the good and the bad ones. This game has an interesting, maybe sad and complicated story. It might be a little confusing 'cause there are lots of secrets behind the story of the game. There will be a blog for the walkthrough and for more information about the game (about the characters, etc.) after the game comes out.

Aimi will be out at 2014 Summer or later in 2015.
by Emmanouela D.

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Man already by the screenshots this game looks hella cool! GOOD LUCK on finishing it! I'm going to put it on my subscription list :) btw let me know if you want a game tester or game device, I LOVE horror rpg games, have u played any translations by vgperson? My favourite is the newer game Mermaid Swamp, the plot twist is amaze @.@ if y'all have any other games I'll play those too
Thank you so much about the good comments :D
I'd love to have an experienced game tester so I'll think about it.
And..yes I played horror games translated by vgperson and I love them :)
So uhm, I just noticed that the avatars was from Gen8's Chibi Maker :D
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