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Progress Report

New skills menu, skill upgrade, grade upgrade, stats improvements

Here is a major update.

I remastered the skills menus.
Now you can Learn the new skills and upgrade the skills to new levels


You can upgrade the heroes grade, that affects when you level UP when finishing a battle and/or you can upgrade the stats of the heroes permanently.
Aqui una actualización importante del juego
Eh remasterizado el menu de habilidades.
Ahora puedes aprender las tecnicas nuevas y tambien las puedes mejorar aumentando de nivel.


Ahora puedes aumentar el grado de los heroes, esto afecta a cuando suban de nivel, y/o tambien puedes aumentar de forma permanente los atributos de los heroes.

Progress Report

LoH New Custom Menu System


These are big news for LoH and for you, if you are a fan of this game!

I ported Legend of Heroen to the new version of RPG maker 2003 and i recently finished the engine of the Custom Menu System, so here are some pictures of the result:

Image 01

Image 02

Image 03

Image 04

Image 05

Image 06

Image 07

Image 08

Image 09

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

Image 13

Image 14

These ones, are in the Spanish version... BUT... you can change language on game, whenever you want!!

Image 15

Image 16

Image 17

Image 18

Image 19

So for now, all the custom menu system engine, is all over, it only needs to add new items and the magics for all heroes, but you can go all over the menu to use items, equip, unequip, use magics, view all over the Stats of the heros... and stille there are some new features.... a six equipo as "other"?? what it will be? aaaa, surprise for the new version!!! :)

Thanks for your visits and support!!!


LoH transfered into RPG maker 2003


For today, i have big news.

Legend of Heroen es going to be transfered into RPG maker 2003 games.

Yes, with that, it includes the new features of RPG maker 2003.

And for now, there are the news about Legend of Heroen in RM2k3

1º - rebuild of MeD
That engine thay you can do different actions like "talk", "push", and other stuff like using the objets like the fireball, claws and other, there are going to be remade with a better engine.

2º - Custom Menu System
Yes, at last! a custom Menu system for Legend of Heroen, that includes the next spots:

Custom menu system Progress:
Items menu = 100% Working - only needs to add the items and equipment doings
Magics menu = 100% Working - only nees to add the magics to be displayed
Equipment menu = 0% Still must be done
Stats menu = 0% Still must be done
System menu = 0% Still must be done
Save and load = 100% done

Legend of Heroen will be a 2 language game, you can change betwen English and Spanish at the same game
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