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Story Written by Red_Nova

Character sprites and certain battlers drawn by Red_Nova.

Music from:

- Cinematic Soundtrack And Futuristic Atmosphere by Joel Steudler
- The Nothing Battles Music Pack by Kain Vinosec
- Gyrowolf's Music pack
- RPG Maker DS Audio
- RMN Music Pack
- Adventurer's Journey Music Pack volume 1 & 2
- Survival Horror SND pack

Map of Haven designed by Red_Nova, edited by unity

Custom tilesets by unity.

Scripts By*:

- Yanfly
- Galv
- Lemony
- Kread-EX
- Yami
- Rafael

New title screen drawn by IMMI (Not shown on this gamepage. She has asked me not to display it here for others to take, and I respect her wishes.)

* Links to all their blogs are given in the game folder, in the Readme file.