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In case you're finding the game too hard, I've prepared some tips to help you along your way. Hints are detailed, while straight up solutions are in white, so you'll need to highlight them to see the solutions.

General Help:

Take a moment to size up your enemies.
When you target a single enemy, press the SHIFT button to bring up a list of their parameters. Look at the enemy's stats and compare them to your own. Look at their weaknesses and see if you're equipped to deal with them. If not, try to run away and not waste valuable resources fighting them.

There are no complicated damage formulas in Soul Sunder. It's simply your attack - their defense. If you feel their stats are too high, switch to a magic offense or use an item that reduces their defense.

You're a survivor! Not a warrior!
Not every battle must be fought. If you feel your resources are dwindling, try to avoid encounters. If you get caught in a battle, try to run away.

Use your eagle eyes!
There are items you can find in chests, but true survivors will learn to read the lay of the land and spot small irregularities in the maps. Is there a patch of dirt that shouldn't be there? Is a shadow not where it's supposed to be? Investigate further and you might net yourself an item!

Keep Multiple Saves.

You can't go back to areas in Purgatory after you've teleported away. If you find yourself stuck with no items and too low on health, revert to an older save.

Hold on to your equipment!

Each weapon in the game has a Drive unique to that weapon. The situation may call for a Drive from a weapon you acquired earlier.

Use your items!

If you just rely on basic attacks and Drives, you're gonna have a bad time. Even your basic attacks consume at least 1 stamina. Items are powerful. They're your only source of healing besides setting up camps, they have powerful effects, and they are the only action that don't require stamina to use. DO NOT hoard your items. You may not have that special item you really want later in the game, but at least you're ALIVE to lament that loss.

Childhood Arc Specific Help:

You don't give me enough items!
- Trust me, there are plenty of items hidden in the game. You just need to look for them. Look for tiles that stand out. Any irregular tile has a strong chance of containing an item. There are also clues in other locations that point to a cache of items. Here's one example: Arya loves to read. She loves to imitate the heroes she reads about in books. Now, where did we read a book that could be imitated...?
Solution -> The bookcase by Arya's bed details a hidden stash of items in a certain place. There is a place just like that in Orias. See if you can find it.

Alex's hidden weapon: the Slingshot.
- Boy, I hate it when people tell me not to go somewhere in the game. It makes me want to sneak in when they're not around...
Solution-> At night, go to the Orias Schoolhouse. The construction workers are not there, and you're free to go inside. Search the desk to find Alex's Slingshot. It's the only way to inflict Pierce damage in the Childhood Arc, plus it gives Alex the Headshot skill, which inflicts a head injury on your foes.

How to optimize Arya:
-Arya can't really do much in battle. She's quite weak and runs out of stamina quickly. But it doesn't take much strength to hold rocks or guard...
Solution -> I uh... I kinda just gave it away. Equip Arya with lots of rocks. She can do serious damage that way. For defense, keep her guarding a lot to build up Stamina. Use her Superguard Drive when the enemy uses Miasma Charge to nullify all damage the next turn.

I can't beat the Hideous Monster! Help!
- Arya doesn't stand a chance. She's scared, hurt, and alone. She is nothing without the aid of her brother.
Solution: For the first few turns, listen to Alex's advice and just simply GUARD. Wait until Alex arrives, then throw rocks like there's no tomorrow! If you missed the Wide Plank in the Village Perimeter, there is another one in the wooden stack just after the hole in the Forbidden Ruins where the children get separated.

How do I beat the Devourer?
- Children are not physically capable of fighting a battle of attrition. Hit it hard, hit it fast, and hit it with crippling injuries! If not, then it's not a battle you should be fighting anyway...
Solution: Find one of Alex's secret weapons. The Slingshot location is mentioned above. The Large Stick is located somewhere in the Village Perimeter. Each one grants a skill that inflicts a Head Injury on the boss. It makes the battle LOADS easier, though you still have to deal with it's high attack stat.

*Have a question you want me to address? Found a little secret you want to share with everyone? Send me a PM and I may just display it here!