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Soul Sunder, an Nova`s highpoint.

Hi there Rednova, I have played the game Remmants of Isolation before I played Soul Sunder and that game was really good, so I was exited when I started to play this game....was it worth it?

Story: 4/5
I had to admit, this was one of the very few RPG games that got me invested in the story all the way to the end and from the start, the story was interesting, dark and overall investing. The plot twists in the game litteraly left my jaw wide open because like I saw the red Miasma spawn and thought...eh thats Arya, but when I looked at the ending...you nailed it with titanium Nova, good job. :)

Characters: 4/5
Some characters....had a bit of a slow moment, Arya and Alex I thought were going to be a bit cliche but I was surpised with the amount of effort put into it...but then again I should`ve expected that with the guy that made Remmants of Isolation. Arya was just all levels of interesting, Myra was just someone I felt sorry for all the way and Isaac and Cieran....easily my most favorite. Cieran is awesome and intimidating but not really intimidating if you find out of his past. Isaac was just flat out funny with his dialogue and also pretty sad, specifically at the end...i`m impressed Nova.

Gameplay: 3/5
I had to admit, the gameplay was the only part I had to roll my eyes with, while I liked what you did with the survival thing and like that I wished it wasn`t so...you know forced. No offense to you Nova but I meant the battle`s against Origin, I found it annoying that the game kinda tells you to run away from most battle WHILE you need XP and like that or items, espescially to defeat the Origin forms...still though I`ll give it an pass, its ok.

Atmosphere: 5/5
This may be one of the biggest accomplishment of the game, the atmosphere was creepy and unnerving at all times, I always felt like I needed to be careful and not screw up...which you clearly didn`t do while designing this game! :D
Sinking Orias was really well executed, with the theme, the silence and....Powy?
Alot of the levels are greatly designed too, the fire/ice churches were cool and got me inmmediatly to think that it was Myra`s purgatory. (Claps)

Music: 4/5
Well made and flat out awesome, I loved the Origins theme song....as much as I dreaded on fighting the red hellspawn every time....I kinda should expect this as Remmants of Isolation also had amazing music and, while it is not exactly as good as Remmants, it is still REALLY good.

Message: 5/5
The message of overcoming grief has been done severals, but Soul Sunder`s message was extremely effective, to the point I was wondering if this was even an survival game. the ending also nearly made me shed a tear after seeing it. I loved how Zero at first wasn`t really that caring, but not in an selfish way and then went as far as to kill her inner demon, TWICE!

Overall: 21/25
Great job....who knows maybe an sequel of Isaac and Zero Continuing the story, your choice Nova....you created two stars on this site, I have absolute respect for you...

Oh yeah, I got one lil question....who on earth was the voice that said to Arya to use the dagger to kill the Miasma Alex?


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Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
Wow, thanks for such a kind review! I'm glad you liked it as much as you did!

I'm sorry to say a direct sequel with these characters will never happen. The whole idea of Soul Sunder was having Zero overcome her grief in a way represented by the player's playstyle, and to declare one of the endings as non-cannon to set up a direct sequel would be trampling on that idea. So no, the cast of Soul Sunder will not be returning. How they end up is left to your imagination and interpretation of the ending.

However, if you're interested, my current project, Prayer of the Faithless, takes place in the same world, 17 years after the events of Soul Sunder. It's an all new cast, but if you wanted to know more about the world, then it might interest you.

/shameless self-plug

As for your question at the end:

It's a bit of an underdeveloped plot point, actually. The idea was that Arya and Alex, being siblings, were similar enough in genetic makeup that the Terminus gate confused the two of them and tried to bestow powers of a hero to Arya, who was not the chosen one, and rejected Alex, who was. This is why Cieran was so confused and worried when he saw Arya in the Forbidden Ruins instead of someone else. The plan to give the power to the chosen one was botched, and the savior of the world will never come to be.

Midway through development, I decided to scrap the external plot and focus solely on the growth of the characters instead. So the exact identity of the voice is never truly revealed.

The lesson learned is to plan out everything in advance and stick to it as best as you can.

I wonder if I should give a post-mortem of this game and what I learned during development? Maybe it could stop someone from making the same rookie mistakes I did? Hm...

EDIT: One last thing: Since you liked Remnants of Isolation so much, you should totally check out some of unity's games. Her and Sooz were just as vital to RoI's success, and I think you'll have a blast with those games as well.
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