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Yeesh, Another Update

There's a potential glitch in Nox's trial that I thought I had fixed a while back, but it turns out I made a dumb mistake. Basically, when you walk off of one of the ropes, your character will continue facing up and you walk around like a hermit crab. This glitch will only appear if you fail the trial and reenter, and it's potentially game breaking if you try to jump over something while your direction is set. I've just updated the download so that this glitch is fixed, but this isn't an essential fix as long as you're aware of the issue. The new version also:

-Lowered the encounter rate in Polaris and the ruins of Old Avishun.
-Fixed the mp/hp absorb text so that it's clear who's being drained.
-Added signs to each floor and messages to the locked doors in the Flying Mountain to make navigating it a bit easier.