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What is ikarus?
After 3 years of development, I am happy to announce, that the standard editor, mainly for ika games, is finished.
ikarus, is a mapping/eventing suite written in ika itself. It has the characteristics of the rpg maker series (look at the features list below), but makes it much easier, to create projects which are „engine free”.

- Supports unlimited map size.
- Supports any tile size!
- Supports any sprite size, with any number of frames, and directions!
- Up to 6 layered maps.
- Tileset presets, with 8*48 tiles, and 16 autotiles.
- Complete eventing interface.
- An extendable database.

- Support for openGL
- Python 2.5 installed (the installer comes with the editor download, inside the core_files folder.)
- Creativity

- Currently, a project interpreter is almost complete for this editor, which we will use for one of our games.
- A complete tutorial will come, when the basic interpreter (mentioned above) is finished.

Few sidenotes:
- The editor hates whitespace in resource names.
- This editor is completely free.
- All the scrolling is implemented in the editor as holding the right mouse button, and dragging.

IF you happen to find any bugs, please feel free to report them here!
(if the editor crashes, it will save the log to ika.txt, or ika.log file, whichever is present)

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cool! I always wondered what the status of ika was. It seemed to have been in a lull for years.
Yeah... the engine's development stopped in 2010 january with the win7 update, but by then all the basic functions were complete. Only the editor was missing. (There was only a map editor (ikamap) which lacked features)

There was a project later, "iked", a full featured editor for ika written in python by some ika users, but it was abandoned too. Then I decided to start a new one myself :D

I am working hard now on the game interpreter, it's 90% finished now. Only a few event commands are missing, and the basic systems. (the Title, in game Menu, and the Combat). I will make the modules easily scriptable, so it won't contain any fancy by default.

(In addition to this "generic" rpg maker like interpreter, I plan many more interpreters for this editor in the future, mainly a sidescroller one, and one with real time combat, and pixelmovement)
Holy. Shit. Ika. It's been soooo long since I heard of it, it used to be very active in the early 00's but then dropped off the radar. Ika is as old as the Sphere community, and the two were two early competitors of each other. :P (/dinosaur)

This is rather neat! :)
Well this looks cool... may have to try this!
I'm absolutely diggin this. Such an awe of features!
Have someone ever used it to make game actually? I would like to try out some.
Hey Cap_H! I don't think, that anyone was brave, or insane enough to create a full game in ikarus, yet :D Yeah, it's full of features, but lacks a good game engine, and base systems (like you get in rpg maker out of the box), so one needs knowledge of Python scripting, before he/she starts a game in ikarus.

On the other side, ikarus, is under heavy development right now. The engine is completely finished for it, but I was unhappy with the editor at it's current state. after my exams, I will polish, and publish the new editor, and the game engine too.

I have rewritten most of the editor's code, and added a crazy amount of new features, like dynamic panels (the interface of the database, is completely moddable), doubling the tileset size, added infinite maps (the maps are now divided into cells, so it's possible to make an open ended game), and bunch of optimizations, and a better user interface. Also it runs much faster now, and less performance demanding.

So stay tuned, update coming soon!
Sounds Amazing!
I've already started lurkin some friends of mine to help me create somethin as they are pretty good with Python (and definitely better than me with my minus skills, I'm good at breaking code).
I'm all tuned, no doubt.
You got me at 'free' and 'moddable'.
Subbed, and giving this a go when it goes live :D
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