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This is more of a "showing my support for those that supported me" than a proper "recommendations" listing. So, without further ado...

Wyrm Warriors

A community RPG game originally started by Craze for a two-day challenge. Yeah, the same two-day challenge where I tore my hair out in regards to the Wand of Blasting. Anyway, now headed by unity, the demos I've played shows some crazy-awesome promise.

Soul Sunder

A survival-adventure game made by Red_Nova. The game can be on the difficult side of things. However, with persistence, if what I've seen is any indication of anything, you'll find a really strong story with this game.

Luxaren Allure

An RPG by unity with a main cast entirely made of females. The protagonist and antagonist have a certain history together, but, we ultimately want to see the girl get the girl (Yes, you read that right). However, I get the odd feeling that her hand will be forced, to some degree.