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Quite a blast, it really was.

Calling this review of mine 'overdue' is going to be the understatement of the year.

Okiku, Star Apprentice is a cute traditional rpg. It's the kind of game where you could easily lose track of time while playing. It isn't your ordinary 2369-years-ago-a-war-happened-because-someone-did-something-and-now-in-the-present-day-that-very-same-something-is-happening-again-thanks-to-another-evil-power-hungry-someone-and-it-is-up-to-the-generic-everyman/everywoman-to-save-the-world(ellipsis for effect). In fact, this is just as simple as an rpg could possibly go. No epic story. No god-awesome gameplay. Just a light game that'll put a smile on your face.

In the game, you play as Okiku, apprentice of the sorceress Ryoko. Ryoko wants to commune with the spirits, and is researching on the most effective ways to do so. But she's unsure as to exactly which ingredients she needs, and so sends her apprentice to fetch all of them -- much to Okiku's annoyance. Oh well, at least she does get to use the Wand of Blasting.

Story and Execution: 3/5
The story wasn't really much. It almost felt like it's presence was simply obligatory for me. Nonetheless, the story was short and sweet, and Okiku must be one of the most entertaining protagonists I've ever met!

Art and Music: 4/5
The graphics are from RTP, while the music were (mostly) rips from other games (which I sadly don't recognise at all, spare Castlevania). The music fit nicely with the game, and the graphics were organised enough. The overworld maps though, seemed a little barren and cluttered at the same time. By that I mean: the islands themselves are functional, but somewhat bleak; and I think the off-shore rocks were overdone by *this* much.

Gameplay: 3.5/5
Yes, I know I said the game doesn't have god-awesome gameplay. But the skill-levelling system implemented here deserves mention. In this system, your skills power-up and get upgraded as you use them. Somewhat simulating an apprentice gaining greater mastery over her spells, making them more powerful and effective. I felt that it fit in really well, because of that.

It has a downside though: it can easily be rigged. Considering that you have Restore HP and Restore MP skills, you can easily spam your skills on weak monsters to get OP in no time. By then, you easily become invincible, and the game becomes easier that a walk in the park.

Bug Report: (albeit, a really minor one)
The number of uses of a skill doesn't get updated unless if you move the cursor away. I'm not sure why it does this, but it sure did surprise me the first time when I used this skill that had 0 uses and it announced that it got upgraded...

Overall: 3.5/5
This game, as Marrend had promised, sure was quite a blast. It's the kind of game that I'd like to play after a long, tiresome day.
It's cute, fun, and light. Try it out and see for yourself!


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Guardian of the Description Thread
Hey, thanks for the review, and I'm more than glad that you enjoy it!

I'll readily admit that the ending is stinkier than a Stinkweed Imp, but, yeah, the story was pretty throw-away to begin with. As for the skill-use-update-bug, I am, sadly, perfectly aware of it!

I've heard that it's a pretty simple fix, but...

...I've clearly not gotten around to it yet.

Aside: Are you attempting to write in the Okiku style with your intro?


Yeah I tried to, but I didn't have enough GIF's for the entire review so...
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