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Updated to v1.2

Updated at 23/04/15 to v1.2.

Changes in this version:

- Hesper's enemy hacking base success chance has been raised from 90% to 100%
- Balanced enemy stats and resistances
- Gave Harbinger enemy a new ability in Challenging mode
- All playable characters now have a melee attack skill which uses up no ammo.
- All enemies that didn't drop money before, now drop a sellable item.
- In-battle party change cooldown has been removed. You can now change party in battle at any time.
- Balanced item costs:
- Healing Pills are now 15 astras
- Stimulant - 20
- Painkiller Balm - 15
- Curative Tonic - 15



Incitement 3 page created

Hey everyone.

Just a quick announcement that Incitement 3 now has its own RMN page, which can be found HERE.
All the updates in regard to it will be posted there. Incitement 3 will be a commercial project upon release, but the first two games will always be free.

The game also has its page on RPG Maker Web, which can be found HERE. This one gets updated more frequently.

Thanks in advance for the support. :)


Incitement 3 confirmed.

So the time has come and soon the work on the 3rd title in the series shall begin.
Incitement 3 will be a commercial game once it's released, since going commercial can gain it much more exposure, and also for it to be as epic as I had envisioned, a lot of custom resources will have to be bought for it.

I also wanted to briefly mention some of the gameplay features that will definitely be a part of the game, and also many possible ones.

Definite features:

7 leading and 4 episodic characters - One thing that will be different to the previous two games is that apart from 7 leading characters, there will also be short sections of the game where you'll get to play as 4 other characters. The main party will also not always be together and there will be a lot of instances where they'll have to split. That way I am hoping the player will get to try out all the characters.

New ammo system - The ammo system in the first two games is a bit flawed, and after some suggestions from fans and supporters, I'm going to be making some changes to this mechanic. For one is that there will be warm ups and cool downs on certain skills, so that the battles can be more strategic rather than simply spamming the strongest attack over and over. Another mechanic is that some skills will use up unique ammo, which will add an extra flare to the battles.

Hacking mini-game - Since the one in Incitement 2 was such a big hit among the players, there'll be a hacking mini-game in the 3rd game as well. However, I am thinking of either making it completely different or perhaps using the same mini-game with a load of new features added.

More vehicle chase scenes - One does not simply have an Incitement game without chase scenes. :D

Side-view battle system with animated battlers - Akin to Atonement (my recently released commercial title), the battle screen here will be side-view and there will be animated battlers (all of which I'm hoping to create by myself).

For a list of possible features that might appear in the game, please see the discussion on Incitement 2 page on RMW and join in if you have some suggestions. :)


A quick update!

Just a quick announcement that after being reported with a serious glitch, I've updated the game to v1.1.

The glitch was a transfer event in the city of Melacdain that would take the player to the game's penultimate dungeon and was meant to be removed during development. As of version 1.1 this has been fixed. Please feel free to download the latest version, or alternatively it's possible to simply avoid the transfer event when playing the original version. The game still plays the same way otherwise. This transfer event is invisible and is located on a side walk next to some cars just to the South of the Medical in city of Melacdain.

Apologies to anyone who came across this and thank you all for the support.


The game is complete!

The fully complete v1.0 of the game is now out! It might still have minor updates (and possibly fixes) in the future though if there will be a need for them. A huge thanks to everyone who supported the project and provided feedback.

Hope to see you for Incitement 3!


Full beta version has been released!

The game has been released fully as a beta version! Anyone giving feedback will be added in the credits. Non-RTP version (requires VX Ace RTP to play).

If you’ve played the demo, you can continue from where you left off, but I’d strongly recommend to start from the beginning due to some changes made to the early parts of the game since the demo was released.

Progress Report

3rd gameplay video sample

This gameplay video showcases a portion of the optional dungeon that can be accessed through one of the sidequests.

The game is in the late stages of development now and the full beta version should be released in about a month or so.

Game Design

Car chase and Star map

Thought I'd upload another gameplay video sample. This one showcases the first of the two chase scenes in the game. (Music credit: Deceased Superior Technician)

And also, here's a star map that shows relative positions in space of all the fictional planets relevant to the game's story (and the stars that they orbit). (Credit: The Stranger)


Demo has been released!

Features of the demo:
- Contains the entire Act 1 of the game (out of 4), which equates to about 2 hours of gameplay.
- Characters have been capped at lvl 10 (but this cap will be higher in the full game)
- 3 side quests, 2 of which can be completed within the demo. The last one requires access to future areas of the game and so can't yet be completed.
- non-RTP version (requires VX Ace RTP to be played)

Many thanks for the support so far. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Anyone who gives some feedback will be automatically added in the credits as a tester.
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