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Fun to Play! Would be a great app!

I decided to try this game when the developer posted on the Reviewrim topic, and I am glad he did! I like platformers, so that was an draw for me. I enjoyed the game and I think that slashphoenix could potentially make some money off of a game like this!


You don't play a game like this for a story. I see no reason to knock off any points for the story as it does have one, but it clearly is not the focus of the game. You go through an interview and the interviewer decides to test your programming skills. Your programming skills are tested by playing the game with the challenges that he throws at you.

As you continue to prove how good you are, you'll notice that the interviewer is a bit strange and may not be the employer you'd like to work for...


The gameplay is incredibly smooth and fun! You did a very good job of starting off the difficulty as pretty much non-existent, to really ramping it up near the end. You can really only do two things in the game: Move with left/right, and jump. The jump works quite nicely and the longer you hold the jump button, the higher you'll jump.

The goal of each stage is simple. You are a green ball and you are trying to catch the pink ball 4 times. That's it! However, the developer continues to throw challenges at you to make catching that elusive pink ball a bit harder. You may encounter the following:

  • Gravity. Every so often, you'll be thrown to the ceiling and then eventually be thrown back to the ground again. This occurs on every stage.

  • Yellow Ball. Yellow Balls have good homing capabilities and try to make capturing the pink ball that much harder. They aren't too fast.

  • Fireball Cannon. A white cannon will shoot fireballs every so often. The fireballs bounce. I think each cannon can shoot a max of 3 and they eventually vanish.

  • Magma. Sometimes, the ground is magma. Step on it = you die.

  • Laser Cannon. Stationary cannon that fires a projectile across the screen. There is generally more than one.

  • Demonic Blue Ball of Death. The real enemy. These are like the yellow ball, but faster and more accurate. You will learn to hate them on the last 3 levels.

I beat the game in I think 20 minutes (didn't really keep track of when I started). I struggled the most on Level 17 I think it was. There was two demon balls and one fire cannon and a platform in the middle. I don't know what it was about that one, but it probably took me 5 minutes! The final level, despite being 100x more intimidating looking was cleared in 2 tries! Go figure!

Graphics and Audio:

Graphics are clear and well done. Does each level look kind of the same? I guess, maybe! But a game like this isn't about having the best graphics in the world. Its just fun.

The music was good. It wasn't annoying and even though you mainly heard 2 tracks the whole game it didn't matter!

Final Thoughts:

This game is plays incredibly smooth and it will surely give you a 10-60 minutes of entertainment. A game like this would make such a good app! It even feels like it should be one! I truly believe that you could make an app out of a game like this and it would be something that would catch on and make you some money! Granted, I know nothing about Unity and how hard that would be, but it is something to think about. :)

Just out of curiosity, do the answers you give to the employer have any effect on the game?

The game isn't without flaws, however! The flaws however are nowhere near major enough for me to deduct points!


- If I didn't know it was short, I would've been frustrated that there was no save. (When I beat it, I realized you could select levels, so really, it isn't a big deal.) I just had this "gotta beat it now!" mindset going on when I played it.


- So easy to learn. It is such a good game for just "plug and play" and for that reason, I could see it being an app that sells well.
- Its fun!
- The challenges are fair and the difficulty scales well.
- You did add hard modes! Granted, I haven't tried any yet (those last 3!) but it would be something to come back to later.

I award "It'll Look Great on Your Resume!" a 5/5! Excellent job, slashphoenix! The game delivers on exactly what it promises and I commend you for your hard work!


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I didn't want to wake up 40 years old and working a job that I hate.
Thanks!! I'm glad you liked it!

The game does actually save for you whenever you beat a level, but it doesn't tell you, which is totally my bad. I did consider making it into a phone game or possibly expanding it into a full PC game, but I was on a tight schedule when I released it. I'd love to come back to it someday and make it even better someday!

Again, thanks so much :)
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