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Why did I update this game

Well... I'm not really sure why, but I updated Punch Bears. Taking some suggestions from those who have played and also pointlessly adding a new mode based upon one offhand comment in a totally unrelated place to Punch Bears. (also, fancy attract mode, title screen video thing.)

To unlock the new mode, you'll have to punch over 4 dozen bears in Unlimited Bear Works.

I'm calling this Punch Bears Version R for mysterious reasons that will soon be made clear. If you download this game.
and play it
and unlock the new mode
and play that


Game Design

Why Punch Bears was Made

I feel like I need to somewhat explain the existence of this game.

I work retail and we are now entering the mad rush of the holiday season. We're also entering the mad rush of snow falling from the sky. Suffice to say that due to understaffing caused by bad roads I got called into work on both my days off last week. When I got home, I turned to my roommate Racheal and expressed a want - a need - to punch bears. Both as a reassurance to feel HARDCORE and also to kill off the stress ridden foul mood I had entered.

But alas, I lacked any media output in which I could punch bears.

Thus! I made a game. About punching bears.

This game is in many ways a joke game, but I hope you can play it and lessen some of your own stress as well. Get in there friends! The bears are the burdens of your life!! PUNCH THEM!
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