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The war between the Golden Empire and the Kingdom of Gandia has been waging on for over 30 years, Gandia sends Fritz and you his young prodigy to kill King Goldou, General Gold, and Commander Silver. You leave with Fritz to Orbit City and you commence fighting after reaching the Orbit Cathedral, they kill Fritz easily and you escape. After four years of training General Gold appears on Mt. Zero and tells you to hand over Fritz blade... the one that you took from Fritz four years ago. You defeat General Gold and he escapes and you meet with Vince, a friend of yours you agree to go to the Rebel camp and start an attack on the castle of the Golden Empire.

After the failure that attack was you return to the camp and meet a magi
named Patho. Patho tells you and Vince that to beat the Empire you would have to join your rebel army with the Egonian Rebel Army. You join the two rebel armies you launch a full attack on the Golden Empires castle.

Once again you fail and all your men except Vince and Patho are dead
and King Gold has summoned the four demons into the world. You stop
the four demons and weaken King Gold. After reaching the castle King Gold
turns himself into a demon and fights you... You com out victorious and
you take over the Golden Empire, and turn it into a peaceful nation...

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