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Gain favor from villagers to unlock hidden areas!
Participate in tournaments to become village Guardian!
Become attuned to the elements and invent new spells!
Find buried treasure, mine ore, and craft weapons!
Hatch monster eggs, collect essences, and create familiars!
Join the alchemy guild and mix potions for extra cash!
And a little bit of gardening...

Test your skills in the ancient Dungeon of Monarchs, and uncover the secrets of a missing tribe! Were they buried alive? Or did they make a thriving underground metropolis?




2013.12.04 - DEMO SUBMITTED
2013.12.09 - DEMO APPROVED
2013.12.31 - DEMO UPDATED VER 3.0
2014.01.01 - DEMO UPDATED VER 3.1
2014.11.25 - DEMO UPDATED NEW DEMO (Alpha)
2015.02.07 - RELEASED "UNPOLISHED" ALPHA (part I of II)

Latest Blog

Free Version Now Available

Happy New Year, Everyone!

This year (2018) we're releasing Dungeon of Monarchs for free! Follow these steps to get your copy:

(1) Click on the "Downloads" tab
(2) Click on the link "Dungeon of Monarchs Game"
(3) Click on the "Download" button (opens the Dropbox window)
(4) Click "Open" to download the full game from Dropbox

Best Wishes, All!

The DofM Team
  • Production
  • MercynMetal
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 12/04/2013 05:52 AM
  • 01/28/2018 06:45 PM
  • 12/14/2015
  • 54424
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ugh *goes to download stupid big files* why? i hate when this happens. correct file size for this game: 186mb RTP + 9.9mb game.

edit: that said, still gonna give this a try as the above features do sound fun. seems like i'm more into crafting in general lately, both on and off mmo's.
Sorry about that treos -

Some of the developers have a greater makerscore - but because this demo is our first - it had a 20MB limit that's imposed by RMN. So I couldn't add the RTP this time around '>.< Thank you for downloading anyway. Please keep the feedback coming:)
ah, just real annoying to have to do a big download along with a game is all.

i like that pic of Rahz. :) not bad so far, considering theres not much to do yet but i did manage to find that summon skill which proved rather powerful against groups of monsters. now if i could just defeat that air guardian, gonna need to grind a bit for that tough guy, do that and i could try making spells.
Thanks. Esther will appreciate hearing that.
It is a short demo but i have enjoy it.
Only negative thing i have to say is those doors on staircase that is kinda weird.
Beside that it looks promising and i hope you will finish it.
Glad you enjoyed it, liliford. Thank you so much for putting up feedback.
this game is realy good.
social interactions between the characters is written well.
situatian of the help needed npcs is close to perfect discribed.
battles could be a bit harder.(enemies should have more hp since it take 2-3 hits to kill them but more damage would also solve this one for me around a 25%increase in one of those two parameters would suffice.
furnitures in the houses and outside the houses (dungeon counted to) are placed perfectly.
i dont have anyting to say about the quests exept that you should not change the current diversity between them.
i get a error msg saying unable to find file Graphic/faces/rahz_sick tired when rahz geting told that hes a idiot from atempting to summon in the secret cave

Wow, thanks for the feedback tribust! We'll have that bug fixed before the next updated build. Thank you for the support!
Guardian of the Description Thread
Some of the developers have a greater makerscore - but because this demo is our first - it had a 20MB limit that's imposed by RMN.

Wait, what? There's obviously some confusion here. I believe RMN's hard-limit for downloads is 400MB. If you are using the URL option, and linking it to a file in your locker, that would be where that 20MB limit might be coming from!

*Edit: Okay, maybe the hard-limit on RMN's server was upped to 450MB. However, I'm almost certain it's a per download basis?
I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the info, Marrend:)
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
sssooooooOOOOOOO Where's my egg?? :(

So far so good.
Download complete, entered dungeon and still alive :)
Hi Linkis,

Thank you for posting. There's an extended alpha build coming soon with the Easter Egg. We're still play-testing and balancing it at the moment. We'll send you an email when it's released.

Also, you should be able to use your old save file in the future game build (barring any major bugs we failed to find). Thank you for playing!
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Well, I knew it was going to happen:( MY SHOVEL BROKE!!!!!

Went back to the Smithy and both the Weapon and Tools choice show nothing but weapons.

Where can I get another shovel :(
(Update 2.7.15: this bug has already been corrected.)

That's an old bug. Go back to the Smithey's; eventually the correct option will work. It happens sometimes at the Enchanter's shop, too. Other times, if you ask for weapons, the tools will show up.

We removed the script that was causing that error. Sorry about that, but the next release will be out soon and it won't have that bug (promise :) Thanks for reporting it.
Hi Nice Game did you make you're own
face sets to.
Hi Nice Game did you make you're own
face sets to.

Thank you! The face-sets for the main party are indeed custom; made by our artist Esther Chang.
Where do I need to download it? If it costs money.. How much? :o
Hi KokoroNoKuroko,

Thank you for your interest in our game. We released a new demo today, and we expect to have an official purchasing page up this weekend. It's possible to purchase the game from my personal website under the "2015 Releases" section in the meantime. Please check there for the current price listing (the game will be on sale for the holidays).

We hope you enjoy the game/demo!
I don't understand how to buy this game XDD I don'T understand what a vat is O.O
I don't understand how to buy this game XDD I don'T understand what a vat is O.O

It sounds like Value Added Tax (vat) (Are you located within the European Union? It could also be the location of your VPN address, if you use VPN.)

If you're having trouble finding the purchasing page, click here, then click on the BUY ON SALE link.

You can message me personally if you encounter another issue. Thank you!
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