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The MESSIAH is COMING, and SHE is a BI(-winning) ATHEIST.

A declaration of love for videogames, anime, comics, books, movies, tv shows, music, popculture and humanity in general.
An audacious mix of ideas and mechanics from vaious genres combined and put into a fantasy RPG.
Explore strange places, fight exotic creatures, build cities, raise armies, and lead them into battle.
Can you free the world from the tyrannical rule of Providence?

The year is 255 AS.

It's now been slightly over two and a half centuries, since humanity suffered its greatest downfall, the Searing, brought about by Terra's own Defence Sattelites, that got taken over by Providence after a series of coordinated attacks.

Civilization is slowly building up again, but is nowhere near its previous heights.
The technological progress, held back by Providence, seems stuck in a medieval state.

This story follows the adventures of an initially small band of slightly wayward people, as they set out to recover an artifact, possibly containing secret millitary codes with the capacity to retake the hijacked satellites. However, the artifact in question got stolen from a merchant, by a bunch of mercenaries turned highwayman, and they likely won't give it up peacefully.

Where will their travels lead them?
What dangers will they have to face?
What obstacles to overcome?
What foes to vanquish?

There is only one way to find out.

Town Building System:
Create your own towns with buildings, fitting for the region the town is in and overall progress you made, gather resources and raise an army.
Unlock new buildings and resources by playing through the storyline.

Conquest System:
Use your army to take on neighboring towns, regions, and eventually entire kingdoms.

Weapon & Sphaera Skills:
Equipping Weapons or Sphaerae of different Levels unlocks unique sets of skills based on the Weapon type or Sphaera type combinations.

Global Level System:
All characters have the same Level (1-12).
Stats like HP, Atk, Def, SAtk and SDef are increased by finding Heart-, Weapon- and Sphaera container pieces.

Hidden Sphaerae:
Unlock Hidden Sphaerae abilities to manipulate objects in the world. Like move a wood log, light a torch on fire, freeze a puddle to a solid ice pillar, or melt a pillar down.

Dynamic Chest Rewards:
Chest rewards get better the more chests you open, so its definitely worth going back even to starter areas to unlock that chest you missed out on the first time playing through, because it was hidden behind an at the time non movable object or non open-able path

Cooking System:
Find various ingredients and combine them for delicious meals.

World & Region Map:
Select towns, explorable areas or battle grounds from the map.

And more to be announced later...

Town Building System:

Hidden Sphaerae:

Playlist with more videos.

Many more videos in the media section. Though some of them are outdated (see title).

Just for fun, a little comparison to the state of the game as of 3 years ago and now:

Latest Blog

Very minor progress

The last month didn't see much in terms of game development progress, the only thing worth mentioning is an interaction menu for NPCs and objects:


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Edit: This should have been a blog post, my bad. No idea how to delete this.
RMN sex symbol
Subscribed* so what does Ludus De Sophia mean?
It's a latin, spanish, greek mix,
there are multiple possible translations
Ludus - 1. game, play 2. school 3. fun, joke
de - of, about
Sophia – 1.wisdom 2. Sophia (Happens to be the name of the protagonist of the game)
RMN sex symbol
That's... Quite creative haha.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
So, any update on this one, or has it gone into the dreaded 'hiatus'?
So, any update on this one, or has it gone into the dreaded 'hiatus'?

Worse, it got into HiatusxHiatus due to personal issues.
Now I am in the middle of overworking the whole skill & battle system as well as the conquest system, which means most of my old progress will be lost, but I hope its worth it.
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